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Since turning 21, Doctress Neutopia has developed her automatic drawing and improvisational painting style. Her works are movement meditations designed to both calm and awaken the soul. Her work falls into the artistic legacy of Wassily Kandinsky’s abstract paintings. Her paintings reach into unexplored spaces not visible to human eyes. Neutopia’s biomorphic forms represent the subjective world of Gaia, the microbial life force that lives in each of us. Her paintings are intuitive channels of a utopian future, a place of refuge from the realpolitik and the tyranny of national interest, industrial civilization, and the chaos of global climate change.

After working with oil, acrylic, and woodcut printmaking, she fell in love with nontoxic watercolor and gouache mediums to express her inward journey of shape and color representing the web of life.

Please get in touch with Neutopia about purchasing artwork. The watercolor/gouache paintings are 16" x 12".


Lovolution—a non-violent, worldwide movement to build ecocities and arcologies is the ojas of Neutopia’s poetry. Ojas, a Sanskrit word, means “vigor” or the essential energy of the body and mind. The muse behind her poetics is Gaia Messiah consciousness, planet-saving mobilization to build a network of arcologies in Space and on Earth. Like Bysshe Shelly, who wrote that “Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world,” Neutopia believes now is the time to acknowledge epic poetry's role in guiding us through the dangerous space from one epoch to another in our quest for global transformation. On the cusp of artificial intelligence helping us to build a solar civilization, poetry can humanize us to a more profound sense of collective and individual cosmic identity. Perhaps the only way to reach the Stellar Age is through technological innovation guided by the leadership of poetic inspiration.

Neutopia started writing poetry to attract her true love, soulmate, twin flame, and evolutionary partner. She saw the majestic beauty and strength in living a two-as-one world philosophy united for a great cause of world peace. Erotic love was her original motivation until censorship, unemployment, and time left her silenced, marginalized, and dry. She sought answers to why genuine love between the sexes was so difficult within a patriarchal capitalist society. One of the first steps to creating a caring economy is to ensure a universal basic income, so everyone meets their basic human needs and has time to live a poetic life.

After being a victim of domestic violence, she surrendered to the grief of not being chosen to be a mother to the next generation. Even though she could not procreate a love child, now an eldress, she sees her duty to do whatever she can to stop the insanity humanity is currently enslaved to as carbon emissions continue to rise in the face of cataclysmic climate disaster. Her devotion to Gaia is to help initiate a global love regime that honors the mystical ideology of true love, a power no human can fully understand.


Where have I been, asleep when the world woke?

Woke culture,
still not enough woke to halt
greenhouse gases and disaster capitalism
inching closer to an age of abrupt climate change.
I’ve woke to centuries of poverty,
pollution and worldwide political corruption.
Woke enough to want to go back to sleep!
Woke to a world where youth practice
genital mutilation declaring themselves non-binary.
I’ve woke to a world without a female category
when artificial pig wombs give birth to human babies.
Those with pride clone themselves to stay eternally alive.
Romantic love is a fantasy only on the big screen
to trick us into believing sexual warfare is overcome by love.
Patent embryos designed for the private jet set rich,
superhuman mental qualities for the upper-class aristocrats.
We watch monopolists as they blast off in starships
and steal the celestial commons on the Moon and Mars.
When transnationalists and billionaires own all the fertile seeds,
decide who gets food and medicine to cure disease.
Enhanced cyborgs make killer robots unstoppable
on the battlefields of surveillance and everyday reality.
I’ve woke to a world inhabited by star seeds, alien hybrids, and
ET bodhisattvas who claim to control ChatGPT.
I’ve woke to drone assassinations from presidential war rooms.
Woke to the ascension of uploading digital Avatars to merge
with God Unlimited and AI prophets of the body’s doom.
Woke to a world of perpetual proxy wars in a dystopian
American Empire on the verge of utter urban collapse,
desperate refugees on borders crying for universal human rights.
Homeless youth shoot up lethal drugs to escape the fact
that only the privileged few get good jobs.
Nuclear power meltdowns into the waters of the Pacific Ocean
decay the human genome, a breath away from our radioactive extinction.
Woke for a nano moment to see a chaotic political nightmare
that only a sadomasochist could enjoy….
I will persevere until death takes me light years from here!
Goddess of Death, decompose me into a good world,
where the Colorado River Delta comes back from the dead,
water flowing from the Rocky Mountains to the Sea of Cortez.
Nature springs back riparian areas for wildlife,
holomovement from consumerism to a restoration paradigm,
finding a beautiful architectural pattern to live in alignment
with building a galactic civilization moving us light-years from here!

Photo by Ted McGrath
Photo by Ted McGrath
Lovolution Studios