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Meet the Artist, Futurist, and Yoga Teacher

Doctress Neutopia, aka Libby Hubbard EdD, has focused her life on several pursuits, some related to active hope and sacred activism. Other pursuits she practices are reflective and meditative arts, spending time doing watercolor painting, epic poetry, and teaching and studying yoga. Her scholarly work can be viewed on her website.

Alternative Thoughts

In her early 20s, Neutopia became aware of the misguided values of our current nation-state political system. These realizations radicalized her to alternative ways of being and to pursue utopian thought. Traveling the world searching for a utopian society in which to live, she visited Auroville in India, Findhorn in Scotland, ZEGG in Germany, Tamera in Portugal, and the Federation of Damanhur in Italy. In the United States, her search included the Sirius Community in MA, the Farm in Tenn, Twin Oaks in VA, Zendik Farm in NC, Earthhaven in NC, Ganas in NY, and Avalon Gardens in AZ. She has also explored spiritual communities, Buddhist retreat centers, and cohousing projects.

Neutopia presented conference papers with the Society for Utopian Studies, Communal Studies Association, Basic Income Earth Network International Congress, Ecocity Summits, and recently at the Mars Society Convention. Her findings conclude that intentional communities are fractals of what could be done globally to humanize and green our world. Still, these small utopian models are not enough to alter our planetary resource overshoot and environmental degradation. At the turn of the 21st Century, she settled on moving to Arcosanti, AZ because it presented a new architectural prototype, arcology, a car-free urban model, and an evolutionary type of sustainable civilization.

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Candidate for Arcologies

To promote the idea of building arcologies, Doctress Neutopia ran as a dark horse candidate in the 2008 race for President of the United States in the Arizona Democratic party primary. She got to experience the reality of how money and the media control and corrupt the political process. Neutopia believes that politics should be a contest between the best utopian ideas necessary to reformulate our global infrastructure and architectural archetypes on the lines that create a balance with nature.

Her current 2024 run for President of the Galactic Federation takes a cosmic perspective on global politics, turning politics into “artitics” meaning that politics is a collective world-building art form. Hence, a presidential candidate is a conceptual performance artist of her or his utopian vision.

Her love and care for our global ecology are the golden thread woven throughout her endeavors. As a spiritual warrioress, she works as a protectress of the atmosphere, the breath we breathe, thanks to the billions of years the life force changed the biochemistry on Earth. Doctress Neutopia received a doctorate in Future Studies from the University of Massachusetts’ School of Education in 1994 before the program was shut down. The official excuse for eliminating the program was Reaganomic budget cuts. Her dissertation, Gaia, The Planetary Religion, A Sacred Marriage of Art and Science can be read at

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Photo Credits

Behemoth Black Hole Found in an Unlikely Place
Credits: NASA, ESA, and D. Coe, J. Anderson, Kathleen Dreier and R. van der Marel (STScI)

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