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Proposal to Speak at the Science and Consciousness Conference

Science and Consciousness Conference 2008

Title: Building Sacred Arcology: Gaia Reverence and Science

Length: two hours

Doctress Neutopia will present her thesis that at its core the Gaia science theory has a religious dimension and a global ethic. Using a Powerpoint slide show, she will present the theory in terms of Gaia not only evolving into a “global brain,” manifesting throughout the Internet, but managed by what Buckminster Fuller called a world management committee. Gaia reverence/science (Gaia RS) calls for an archetypal shift in architecture moving us from a world that is being destroyed by urban sprawl to building a network of solar-powered, sacred arcologies (the fusion of architecture and ecology) on Earth and in Outer Space as a way to transcend our critical problems.

The second phase of the workshop morphs into a place of Gaia reverence as we collectively design a Gaia ritual to birth into existence the psychic, inner infrastructure needed to build sacred arcology. Applying Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Wheel of Cocreation, we will focus on the sacred arcology at the hub of the wheel of conscious evolution. We will visual sacred arcology founded upon patterns of sacred geometry. Galileo Galilei wrote, “You cannot understand the universe without learning first to understand the language in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics, and its letters are triangles, circles, and other geometric forms.” Perhaps we will even discover that the mysterious geometric messages of crop circles are cosmic blueprints needed to build a remarked new civilization of sacred arcologies.

Our goal is to acknowledge the role Gaia reverence/science plays in human survival and evolution.

Three Learning Objectives:

1. We will examine Gaia science in terms of its social/political/ religious dimension.

2. We will describe the spiritual story of the planet that is evolving us to a shared consciousness, planetary spirituality, and a just economic order where human rights are triumphant over “corporatocracy.”

3. We will feel our connection with the magnetic force field of Gaia opening up our chakra system and healing us with a holistic vision of world peace through building a network of sacred arcologies.

One line bio: Doctress Neutopia aka Libby Hubbard is a visionary who sees the world transforming into a network of arcologies on Earth and in Outer Space.

Bio: Doctress Neutopia aka Libby Hubbard, Ed.D is a futurist who is working on a video documentary about visionaries that include Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bruce Lipton, Alex Grey, Elizabeth Kucinich, and others.u She produces a weekly TV show, Lovolution Village, that addresses similar issues in Tucson, AZ. She was the last student to graduate with a doctorate in Future Studies from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where she concentrated in utopian thought before the program was terminated. For a year and a half, she worked and lived at Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri’s model arcology. Her poetry, essays, artworks, and videos can be seen on her website:

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Anonymous harley said...

the potentials of man are on hold now...via stereo typing men the (popular target now days) at first I liked the new age movement because it puts freudian labels and all languages on hold...this pre-existing set of social values that tend to glorify current liberal and and conservative values vanish from the radar when there is nothing but say a music that puts us under water, in the sea with the mutations of of a mostly silent world in the womb of the earth...mind you I am not glorifying the women who use their power via the pop current languages of a corrupt pop pysche.. Gary Alan Brumley

January 28, 2008  

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