Sunday, October 07, 2007

Arcology of the People

Superpower of the people,
look out over the highways
of urban sprawl.
It is clear we have no cities of peace
as we breath in toxic smog.

The time is now to end the statue quo
of ignorance and immaturity
by seeing with evolutionary eyes.

Superpower of the people,
build us a sacred arcology!
Transcend the crisis of civilization
by building a new form of living
designed in harmony with the ecology.

Building an arcology of peace
gives us a noble cause to live for
generation after generation,
century after century,
a goal so golden that it
manifests eternal architecture
for the survival for humanity.

Enacting the blueprints
of heaven on Earth,
renews cosmic values
worth living and dying for.
Using our imaginations,
we see the starships land
as future people bless us
for taking a honest stand.

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