Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Reverence Movement

Movement, let me be swept up in our desire.
Let me be pulled along in the tidal wave
of Lovolutionary sea change.
Let your mighty force push me along
with everyone to the Divine Source!

I feel the rumbles of the movement inside me.
Huge boulders that have remained settled for eons
are rolling toward the axis on the Wheel of Change.
I feel the Great Turning rumbling along my bones,
causing shivers up my spine.
My kundalini has awoken as the serpent
uncoils within me and becomes alive!

I‘m speeding towards Solartopia,
its gravity too heavy to be slowed down,
too massive for the greatest military
on Earth to shoot at and kill.
The superpower of the people
with the moral authority of life,
brings Corporate America to a stand still!

Molten rock of justice arises like a
volcano dormant for thousands of years,
the lava now flows renewing the world
with fresh ideas for another thousands years.
The movement erupts within me as
steam arises from the Earth’s core,
altering the frequency of the air waves
from the superficial to the profound voice.

Doctress Neutopia


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