Saturday, July 15, 2006

World Harmony: Can It Happen?

Day 12th of the Troops Home Fast

The highlight of the day was attending the World Harmony: Can It Happen? The show hosted by Stuart Thomas featured the Raytheon Six. These people where arrested for blocking the gates to the Raytheon missile factory here in Tucson. Many of the missiles being used in Iraq are made by Raytheon. Raytheon, the largest manufacture of weapons in the world, not only supply the US with weapons, but they sell them to other countries. Pat Birnie and Gretchen Nielsen, two of the people arrested, were on the show as well as Food Not Bombs cofounder, Keith McHenry.

I’ve written a lot about Raytheon over the years. I can only see a positive future for it if US policy changes and we being converting high-tech weaponry into high-tech sustainable survival technology to save us from global warming. With good leadership and vision, Raytheon could begin experimenting with and building solar powered satellites that could be used to beam solar power from Outer Space for our energy needs here on Earth. Raytheon could be instrumental in developing Solartopia.

I told the host that I was on the Troops Home Fast. He is interested in the fast and would like me to be on his show. World Harmony is really a neutopian question. It is not only the absence of war, but it demands we create an entirely new way of living. To do this we need a world government with the power to administer global justice starting with creating a Buckminster Fuller’s world energy grid.

To watch the program online, go to Access Tucson. Look for "NOW PLAYING" and click "Watch Online,"and finally click "Watch Channels 72/97".

Rebroadcasts of this program can be seen on Saturdays, July 22nd and 29th from Noon - 1:00PM on Cox Cable Channel 99, Comcast Channel 74.

For more information, contact Stuart Thomas, Talk-Show Host and Producer, at (520) 722-2837 or


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