Saturday, August 27, 2005

Letter to Cindy

My friend Lee Stanley is driving to Crawford tomorrow. He wanted me to go along, but since there is only a few days left before Camp Casey moves on, I decided not to make the trip. Lee said that he would deliver my letter to Cindy, so it made me happy to think I would get the letter hand delivered. I have written her several emails, but I don't think they she got through to her. But who knows?

I read on the web site that veterans for Peace, military families, and Gold Star mothers will be on the three bus tours that will be leaving from Crawford and making their way on different routes to Washington, DC for the days of protest against the war in September.

I think my mother was correct when she said that Cindy's protest was mainly about what is happening to the military in this war. Even so, I feel I have something to offer the movement, so that is why I wrote her about using my images.

It would be a miracle if she accepted any of them. But she is into creating miracles. Maybe a miracle will happen to me too.


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