Saving Our Roots

Inspired by a video by James Ficklin

tree sitters: the art of resistance


Tree Sitters make love pads in the rain forests where the
giant Redwoods have taken root for thousands of years.
Tree sitters swing on ropes from tree to tree
as the wood cutters chop away.
Sounds of chain saws echo through the canopy.
Thousand years of ancient growth destroyed in one day
resulting in mud slides, floods, annihilation of habitat
for all the creatures of the woods.
Clear cuts where the forest once preserved
the balance of nature is now a barren land
of pesticides poisoning and diesel fuels.

Tree Sitters confront loggers in non-violent ways.
The police come in using pepper stray, chemical weapons
forcefully put in the eyes of the tree lovers of the world.

Luna, the tree Julia Butterfly sat in for two years
still survives with a cut in its hearts from when
someone with a chain saw who wanted to
cut down the symbol of peaceful resistance
against a deaf, dumb, and blind lumber corporation
who could not see the beauty, importance, sounds,
smells, the creatures, the ecosystem of the ancient forest.

Woodcutters are caught in an unsustainable industry of short-term
gain, producing wooden shingles for houses as the urban sprawl
clear cuts more areas to build parking lots for shopping malls.
We all lose when trees chopped down crash to the Earth.
Tree Sitter, Gypsy, lost his life when a struggle
with tree cutters caused his murder when
a tree which he was protecting crashed on him.

We have lost the ancient ways in a society based on individual greed,
trapped in a system causing extinction not only for the creatures
of the forest, but to ourselves.
Will we find a way to build the sustainable world of love and peace
where natural resources are the common wealth of all humanity,
a vision of living within our local means assures a future where children
play lifetime after lifetime growing wise and old among the sacred groves?

Take a breath, in your cities, take a breath and breathe in fossil fuels.
It is death you are breathing as the lungs of the world are chopped down.
Deforestation creates global warming.
Rising ocean temperatures kill coral reefs.
If only I could telepathically transfer this vision of
living in a world constructing renewable arcologies to you,
we could save our species with this vision of being lovers
in the ancient forest consummating our love among the tallest trees.
For thousands of year, they've witnessed the union of yin and yang
and will not forget our divine bliss unless the great trees
are chopped down by the killers of humanity.

Neutopia's reflections in the Redwood forest


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