Total War or Total Disarmament?

by Doctress Neutopia


August 6, 1945
Hiroshima, 100,000 dead.
The bomber named the plane
after his mother, Enola Gay.
Icon of mother and son
unleashed the power of the sun
on civilians populations.

US military leaders
didn’t want the war in Asia to end
until their new weapon was used.
After all, they had just spent
$2 billion to develop the ultimate
weapon and needed a human
testing ground for their investment.
Filled with revenge for attacking
Pearl Harbor, with the bomb exploded
they could show the Soviet Union
its new imperialistic megaton muscle.

Truman lied when he announced
the first atomic bomb target
was not a city, but a military base.
He must have know
bombing civilian populations
was against the Geneva convention.
The bomb was the total weapon
for a total war.
It was America’s final solution.

For decades, US government
censored film footage of the land
that it killed on that sunny day.
The land of the free
didn’t want the world public
to see what their Little Boy had done.
How different were suffering images from
Auschwitz than from images of Hiroshima?
Both represented crimes against humanity.
And so begun the Cold War against the USSR
that put nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert.

America became the first World Empire
founded on thousand of nuclear bombs.
It became a rich nation even though
it failed to provide all citizens with
health care, education, and housing,
becoming the world’s largest
proliferater of nuclear weapons.

If only these weapons were buried
with the ashes of the candle corpses
glowing eternally in the dark.
If only the wisdom of Albert Einstein
was heeded and a supranational organization
formed to protect the world from splitting atoms!

The possibility of poisonous
mushrooms clouds still haunt
our barbaric world.
Depleted uranium weapons
contaminate children in the Middle East.
Iraqi mothers birth children whose heads
look like a jellyfish.
Sub critical nuclear testing continues
to develop suitcase weapons in hopes
of sending Iran back to the Stone Age.

Consciousness of evil vaporize!
We don’t want you any more!
Our creative energy is non-nuclear.
It says no to any kind of war!

Isn’t it time now to move beyond the Nuclear Age?
Isn’t it time to end the nuclear tyranny in Outer Space?
Isn’t it time to use the sun’s power in a positive way,
to use our solar energy to build a global
sustainable culture where world peace reigns?

The destruction of our sacred flesh and bones
by radioactive corruption is against the love force
that evolved beautiful life on this holy garden.

War Gods on Gaia,
your bombs are like volcanic
eruptions, tidal waves that can kill
hundreds of thousands of people.

Will humanity learn to control
the Poison Fire before
there is another World War?
Will we learn to love the planet before this
artificial consciousness melts the eyeballs
of both those who can and cannot see,
before it releases fireballs
that blinds the bumblebees?
Madonna mind,
there is no ascension for believers
in a species who goes extinct!

If your religion is universal love,
then I demand you to prove it!
Disarm this Christian nuclear nation state!
Be a leader of Lovolution. Turn the other cheek!
Create a yoga environment of inner peace.
Isn’t this the Neutopian dream?

If you are sincere in conquering terrorism,
then dismantle your terrorist weapons.
It wasn’t Sadaam Hussein who possessed
weapons of mass destruction. It was you!
You invaded Iraq for oil so that you could continue
your greedy lifestyle depended on the filthy automobile.

Look in the mirror and see beyond
the falsehood of your patriotic smiling grin.
Then you will find the kernel of truth that bombs
are no protection of the enemy of ignorance within.



Human Extinction or Lovolution?