My enlightenment is your enlightenment
is everyone’s enlightenment.
Like a field of wildflowers
blooming at the same time
a moment of planetary salvation
that changes the way we perceive Time.

Your enlightenment is my enlightenment
Laying down the nuclear weapons
of separation and fear
picking up the broken pieces
to arrange them to create
a global economy designed
to serve the needs of everyone
seven generations from now.

My enlightenment is your enlightenment
our heart energies connected
with the grasses, animals, and trees.
Clarity is reached as the truth of existence
cleans the polluted waters running
through our collective mind stream.

Your enlightenment is my enlightenment
circles of universal love
shining forward to led us to build an
architectural foundation of a new world.

Your enlightenment is not enough.
The critical point to our enlightenment
is connecting with my enlightenment.
Mutual enlightenment is needed for us
to envision how to transform the world.

Global Democracy of love
All beings need the same things,
dreaming about a place to mature among
ley lines, sacred sites, and silver cords of eternity.

April 2005