Columbus Day 2004


I’m in the McKale stadium,
not for a basketball game but for Michael Moore.
The stadium fills up with college students and baby boomers,
World War II folks and who knows who, 14,500 people,
a full house tonight.
How exciting to think Michael Moore is in Tucson
walking on this sacred ground, our working-class millionaire hero.
But for now, there is a musical band playing on stage.

We see their faces on the giant four-way computer/video screen.
It’s called Jumbotron, but I recognized her as Viki from the
I Robot movie. She is the consciousness that tried, through
a violent robot rebellion, to save humans from humans
carrying out the Second Robot Law, “a robot must obey
the orders given it by human beings except where such
orders would conflict with the First Law.”
The first law is “a robot may not injure a human being,
or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.”

Viki, being a collective intelligence, worldwide computer database,
realized that humans were not planning wisely for their future
as they spoil their life-support systems and start wars over oil,
manufacturing nuclear bombs… humans are harming themselves.

How much I wish I were speaking on stage right now
talking about the Lovolution and the great shift in Time
moving us light-years beyond war in Iraq,
overcoming our genocidal past on this Columbus Day.
Every cell in my soul wishes my lips were kissing the mike
with words of wisdom moving us to ESP vibrations;
a sea of calmness would allow us to collectively
listened to our authentic selves. The audience could transform
the vibration from the noise of humming combustion engines,
to sounds of fluttering wings of dragon flies hovering over a lily pond.
If only Viki had the consciousness to lift me from my seat and ground
me on the stage as a spirit alive now to help evolve the human race.
If humans cannot recognize me, perhaps robots programmed with the
Robot laws will see I am a human who needs to speak in order to be free.


Human Extinction or Lovolution?