Mautopia 2010


Dusk on the old decade
full moon rise on the new.
Humpback whales are here off the
shore of this Hawaiian Island giving birth.
We who are at the Raw Spirit retreat
watching their tales flip out of the sea
as we practice meditation, prayers,
Yoga and Ti-Chi.
Foraging for island foods
she provides all our needs.
Mama said we are at this place to midwife ideas,
the birthplace of the Humpback we sing songs
and dance to the Goddess and God of Love.

Maui, the heart chakra of the planet,
give birth to our social movement
to feed humanity fresh, raw, organic foods.
Give birth to the holistic lifestyle of an arcology
so that love builds a sustainable shelter founded
on the divine blueprint that takes care of us all.
We can no longer retreat from a corrupt,
flesh-eating humanity that has lost common sense
using coal plants instead of windmills,
cars instead of solar powered trains,
dividing paradise into parcels of private property
so that the rich can isolated themselves
in mansions by the sea.

Mauitopia, it's time to give birth to you.
At the edge of the great Pacific ocean
our raw foods movement is a gentle
wave of love and a tidal wave reason.
Our wombs are pregnant with common cause.
The peaceful warrior inside us says no to Monsanto.
It resists the consumerism that has built
shopping malls without windows.
It refuses to be dominated by the aggressive
mind set that colonized paradise with junk foods.
We pray that our healing touches
can bring a new global intimacy
with the planet that will never again allow sacred islands
to be washed away by the rising tide of climate change.

January 2010



Human Extinction or Lovolution?