Manifesting Poetic Vision


Virtuous circle
of cradle-to-cradle industrial design,
a container of true love moves
the chemical compounds of life around.
Transmuting atoms, molecules, and cells
humanity evolves by understanding
the creative source of the divine.
Virtuous circle of universal access
to planetary resources
eliminates the rich/poor duality
when everyone begins to communicate
using advanced communication technologies.
The sexes bond in balance with nature
forming the holy ecocity of social equality.
Each and every child has what she needs
to grow wise, healthy, and happy.
Planet Earth becomes a beautiful place of
of ecopolis where love is the value system
that makes chemical reactions grow
affectionately between us.
Fear no longer rules nation-states
with nuclear bombs, tanks, and guns.
A world-wide solar energy grid
electrifies a united transcultural world.
Ocean microorganisms revive
as the giant whales sing songs to humanity
in gratitude that the harpoons have stopped.
Their nursing babies now know the
meaning of universal peace and planetary love.

Dec. 2009



Human Extinction or Lovolution?