Linking With the Outside World


What a strange mental space it is when the
people I most want to dialogue with,
have something to offer them, needing to
connect ideas with them to further the Great Cause,
but what I receive from them is nothing, nothing at all,
no handshake in partnership, no smile of acceptance.
My work discounted as if their eyes were closed to me,
as if I was a bag lady begging for food on a cold city street,
a Third World African mother with AIDS
who has no money to buy the drug I need.
Blazing for association sizzles inside me.
But no heed is taken of my emails,
my artwork overlooked, my poetry goes unnoticed.
Perhaps I am an artistic leaper, an untouchable essayist,
A nobody, worthless, ne’er do well who should do
these folks a favor by putting a plastic bag over my head.

I’m trying to imagine what acceptance would feel like.
My heart warmed by recognition for the work I love to do.
A community that sees me as a working artist working
for the common good, my scholarship noted in journals,
my poetry used at peace rallies.
I’m perceived as a person of worth.
Self-esteem arises from being loved for the
spiritual gifts I bring to the intellectual world.
I’m able to be a teacher of Lovolution.
I’m known for paintings embossed in my brain.
I’m someone respected for being a conversationalist
on how a good order can become our social reality.
Doctress Neutopia is publicly seen.
I’m waiting for this dream to awaken to a world linked with me.
I must make a conceptual leap to see my work as an evolutionary success.
Artists now are woven into the leadership of culture living on a social safety net.


Human Extinction or Lovolution?