What Happened to Humankind?

Have we devolved from humankind to the human race
racing from city to city on jets, trains, buses, cars racing
to buy and sell everything from toilet paper to sex dolls?

Have we descended from humankind to the human race
competing with other species over habitat
and within our own species fighting over territories?

Are we racing now into a new arms race,
from Cold War on Earth to weapons in Outer Space?
Have we disintegrated from humankind to the human race
women in the US military in the Green Berets,
Navy Seals, and the Delta Forces learning to be
professional killers as brutal as their male counterparts?

Human race, what happened to Planet Earth?
Did the human race wipe out humankind?
Its poetry, films, music, dance, theater, mathematics,
sciences, engineering, healing arts, philosophy gone?
To kill such a jewel in the Kosmos,
human race, what did you do?
Why destroy creatures that are
capable of love, beauty, and truth?

Or were their arts never, truthful, beautiful,
and wise enough to save their world?
Over population, illiteracy, starvation, homelessness,
pollution, drug addiction, prostitution, insanity, and
violence are all the side effects of a race without kindness.
Did humankind forget the way true love manifests world happiness?


Human Extinction or Lovolution?