Hubble Deep Field

2001 a Space Odyssey, but today
it was 2001 American soldiers dead.
The youth of the Unites States
killed in an illegal war in Iraq.
Tonight candle light vigils around the
country light up streets out of respect
for the dead souls unable to speak about
their deaths being crime against humanity.

All I can think of in the middle of this suffering,
execution, and torturer happening at the birth place
of Western Civilization is the Hubble Deep Field.
Spiral and elliptical galaxies, thousands of them,
appeared in a photograph taken of a speck of the night sky,
odd-ball galaxies, thousands of them, all ages,
sizes, and colors, some originated at the birth of the Cosmos.

If only we could overcome this mental illness of war
and greed and set out to join our Cosmic family in peace!
The universal wonders over our heads enticing us to use
our technology wisely so that we become a planetary oasis.
But as our atmosphere slowly is destroyed by
green house gases and the ocean river becomes
a toxic waste dump polluting the sacred protoplasm,
the red and blue galaxies are more awe inspiring than ever.

Through the telescope, we see the visible radiance of heaven,
but with this plague of deception of yellow journalism
covering up the pathway of our true mission to heaven,
living in the hell of war is unbearable sorrow for
our species which on the highways of annihilation
is loosing the precious opportunity to create
a galactic arcology with space-age technology.

Can we change our course of extinction?
Is there a formula to move
us towards the heavenly luminosity?
The universe calls back to me
with messages as old as galaxies,
with a passion arising from the sea of life,
universal health care, universal education,
administer a global star light energy plan;
live with the principle that food, shelter,
and creative work is basic human rights.
Deal with conflict through dialogue and understanding
rather than picking up a weapon of war and killing
everyone and everything in sight is the way of the Cosmic light.

October 2005

Human Extinction or Lovolution?