Spiritual Partnerships and the Hive

For Rod Coronado

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For Rod Coronado

An Easter memory of a lifetime
a grand bloom of wildflowers in
Sabino Canyon among the gaint saguaro.
Around each winding bend
is a bunch of new exciting flowers,
purple-blue lupines, desert bluebells and marigolds--
a variety of different shapes, textures, and colors.
There are bushes with paper-like blossoms
rejoicing in their natural habitat of diversity.

These flowers will never fade in my ceaseless memory
for the nature trail was a walk in a desert heaven.
The gentle spring breeze blowing the petals
with a motion that makes the Earth waves of life.
Bees gathering pollen make humming sounds
that makes us believe we too are part of their hive.
Sabino Canyon sparkles like a living jewel of
purple butterflies, mating dragonflies, and humming birds.

The experience was a moment recorded in my mind
that could be recalled the second of my final breath,
the pain of transition relieved by an Easter memory
of yellow Brittlebrush in full bloom on the cacti hill.
The cardinal pair sing to each other
flying from rocks to trees.
I see you ahead of me on the
trial wading across the stream.
We embrace each other as I repent
for all the wrong thoughts and actions
I’ve committed to others on this holy world.

We need the wilderness memories
renewing itself as an ever-evolving reality.
Only a year ago the park was closed Easter Sunday.
Mountain lions were spotted and a hunt was on by the
Arizona Fish and Game Department because they thought
lions might scare tourists as they search for food
further down from the mountain tops.
The thought of a place were mountain lions are free
to roam turned into a shooting ground for the feral creatures
who were at home among the bloom of Mexican gold poppies.

As we turned the final bend, through the canyon crevices
we see the city sprawled to the edge of the park border.
The eternal spring stops outside the park gates,
traffic whizzing by and the dream
of wild flowers is replaced by asphalt streets,
polluted air, nuclear weapons, and all the terrorizing
realities of day to day life in modern cities.
We can no longer hear the buzz of the bees
or smell the fragrance of Parry’s Penstemon,
a bell-shaped magenta-colored flower.
Heaven is traded for houses guarded
by electronic surveillance devices.
Bladderpods and Globemallows by the thousands
have been destroy for landscaped suburban lawns.

People’s souls are chained to the mainstream television as
the peak bloom of a perfect weather day passes by.
The walk among the Owl clover in the natural wonderland
made our bond to save our beautiful spiritual partnership
with ourselves and nature for life-times to come even stronger.
I think of the souls like Rod Coronado who
risked his freedom to save the freedom of the pumas.
Officials arrested him for attempting to disrupt the death hunt.

My heart aches to be part of a movement to stop encroachment,
to stop the cancer that is inflicting our land with isolated
neighborhoods and strip malls that makes Earth into a living hell,
In hell there is no eternal spring…
There is only extinction of millions of plants and animals species…
one by one, gone never to return, not silence spring,
but the death of spring.
Defenders of the Earth are heroes….
To imprison them is sabotage of the life force within us.
We will not be human unless we stand up to the bulldozers
renewing our commitment as a whole society to find a way to live
as part of their hive, for without them, we will not survive.



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