The Gateway Butterfly

Neutopia attempting to dialogue with Barbara Hubbard July 2004

By Doctress Neutopia
For Barbara Marx Hubbard



Could I be an imaginal cell? Is that why I cannot sleep?
Every cell inside my body feels as if the oxygen within them
is bursting for liberation, energized with the thought that I
was born to be a transformationist, prearranged to be
more than is possible in this present state.
There is civil unrest inside me as if
the battle to become me is being waged in hopes
of awakening the person who is preset to be me.
The embedded encoding to become the butterfly
is under attack by my very self, by the organism that I am
nested in and here to change in the most profound way.

But it rejects me, imaginal cell, over and over again,
fixing me with drugs, electric shocks, prisons, schools that are
Procrustean beds. I’m surrounded by people who are insensitive to
my divine purpose, people so close to me that we could share the same
DNA, but they refuse to acknowledge me, as if our purpose is not
to co-create a city where the imaginal cells becomes an arcology.
How do I get them to realize that our Great Work is the same?
To reject me is to reject something vitally important to your own self-interest.

There is comfort knowing this rejection will not last forever.
Eventually the imaginal cells are accepted, transmuting what is into something
much more magnificent, a place where spirits are able to have wings,
where nature smells of flowers, not of gasoline,
where people’s true selves find a home in the Kosmos
and the noosphere is cleared of the violent waves
transmitting layers of commercial trash into our minds,
our lungs no longer spotted with black cancerous substances as the atmosphere
reflects the flesh thoughts of designing a world which works on far more
complex levels of organization that was impossible before the power of now.
Imaginal cells are created at a time of transmutation.

I must remember that it is not easy being an imaginal cell.
Many of us will not live to see a world of blessings within us even though it
burns to be born through us, engraved on our souls is this knowledge of life.
If I am an imaginal cell, I am happy with my fate, at peace with my Creatrix,
in touch with the message programmed on my DNA.

But when does this suffering
caused by rejection and the pain of being ignored stop?
Strange attractor, could it be you, dearest epic poetry?
Could you attract the cells nearest to me to be stimulated
by imagining the lifestyle change required to build an arcology?
I too have a place in the paradigm shift; I too am an imagineer;
I too need to be recognized and loved by others in order to truly live.
Without your desire to feel moved to co-create with me, I will perish,
the butterfly never able to flutter in the breeze to greatly effect the
other side of the world with the air pressed between my gentle wings.

Join with me your Genius Code.
Join with me in love with the Kosmos.
Join with me to build the Solar Jerusalem.
Join with me to form a bond of cocreation.
Join together as futurists for world peace.
Join with me as Gaian lovers of humanity.
One Joined together our attraction will be complete.
Join together and the soul’s fulfillment can be achieved.
As mighty magnets our vision takes on beautiful form
as we work together to inspire an age of Lovolution.
Joining from our hearts, our minds sore into deep space
as polluted cities are reconfigured by the will of our divine grace.

Cosmic mother, I plea for you to see my essence is your essence.
The invisible umbilical cord has encircled the planet.
Isn’t our reality that we are joined now and forever?
Cosmic mother, I was lost from you and you from me.
Now I am an imaginal cell growing stronger in your sacred womb,
my Genius code firmly attaching itself to your living school.

*Lovolution: The evolution of revolution; a non-violent spiritual movement for
social, political, and economic justice.



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