Crop Circles and World War III

October 8, 2001



The unseasonable thunder and lightening storm rocked
my room rousing me from loveless nightmares.

I sat up in bed with my eyes wide opened
crying Afghanistan!
Has the Jihad war begun?
Are civilians being burned?
Every reaction creates an equal reaction.
How much longer until it is a nuclear bomb?

Tomahawk missiles, smart bombs, laser-guided weapons,
Joint Direct Attack Munitions and depleted uranium.
F-15 Tactical Fighter Jets, F-16 Multi-role Fighter Jets,
B1-B- Long-Range Heavy Bombers, E-3 Sentries, KC-135 Stratotankers.
Online CNN listed the weapons being used to fight the Taliban.

In Afghanistan, it is not thunder and lightening lighting up the cityscapes,
but US and British bombs that my tax dollars went to buy,
billions of dollars of weapons enough to build an experimental
solar power arcology, a transnational culture of erotic love.
maglev trains, organic gardens, ecocities where one can see the stars,
best practices from around the world solving the ills of civilization.
If only we were guided by social visionaries instead of
guided missile systems designed to destroy the Earth!

What will save us from our lack of humanity?
Crop Circles is all I could think of since our madness is out of control
and our love not strong enough to create a vision of a new world.
Their mysterious messages are the answer if we could only read!
We are oblivious to the wisdom as to how to save ourselves
unless we begin to see the coincidences and synchronicities
of the every day miracles that connect our lives.

Crop Circles have become more and more complex each year,
sacred geometry reflects esoteric teachings from around the sphere,
blueprints of cosmic temples, universal language of beauty
in the wheat fields of England and around the globe...
made visible through beams of light around the Neolithic stones,
fractals creating bridges from chaos to an enlightened world.
The mystery is trying to save us, if only our hearts could see
the graphic symbol of unity within the diverse circles of humanity.
If only we would tune into the alien puzzle to decode their
mandalas and glyphs instead of listening to the war games that
cover up the spiritual truth we need to exist in freedom and in peace!

Each day I wake up into loveless nightmares
dreaming of the place where my beloved and I can sleep
in each other arms, his musical hands grasping my breasts
awakening to a new millennium to manifest a
stardust arcology on Earth and in Outer Space.

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