It's time we live in the post-scarcity world of Star Trek.

It's time for holistic thought to manage the Earth from
the perspective of planetary science and human rights.

It's time we live in sustainable arcologies
on starships and on moon colonies in Outer Space.

It's time to make Earth into a plant and animal kingdom,
a sanctuary for the revival of endangered species.

It's time to mature beyond Battlestar Galactica
and unite with universal love and inner light.

As the Galileo and Cassini spacecrafts probe into
deep space, it's time to follow the path of global justice
as the guiding principle of the new human race.

It's time for solar-sails to push us through the terminal shock
of leaving the heliosphere to enter the interstellar magnetic field.

It's time we embrace infinity
and join the sky deities of galactic intelligence
of worm holes through the space/time dimension.

We are the UFOs.
We are the Second Genesis.
We are the lovers of wisdom.
We are the circlemakers.
We are the cosmic mystery.
We are the ancient ones.
We embody Gaia's temple
in a divinely human form.




Human Extinction or Lovolution?