All for Arcology


Birth wasn't such a bad experience because
I survived it to take in the sacred breath.
Death must be a similar experience
moving us into the great mystery that
everyone goes through when they
lose the sacred breath.

During the life of breathes and heart beats,
I'm working to create a divine arcology.
No matter how hopeless it may seem
to get the world to response to me,
I know the image of the car-free,
caring society within a solar-powered
arcology is inside every cell that breaths.

If I receive no acknowledgement in this
lifetime for my insights into the sacred arcology,
it doesn't matter as long as something I do
allows my essence to live in an arcology
a lifetime from now, for our great challenge
is to build our eternal home on Earth,
not for one, but for everyone--
all for arcology and arcology for all!


Human Extinction or Lovolution?