Yes We Can and No We Can Not

Yes we can use the Internet and the new communication technologies
to organize into a healthy pattern of civilization that hasn’t existed yet.

Yes we can re-house everyone in sustainable shelter
surrounded by sustainable organic agriculture.

Yes we can save habitat for endangered animals and plants
by building a networks of arcologies on Earth and in Outer Space,
blooming flowers inside biospheres throughout the Milky Way.

Yes we can build Bucky Fuller’s vision of a world energy grid to
energize the network of arcologies that stops the curse of urban sprawl.

Yes we can think and act like a global family
by redistributing resources around the globe.

Yes we can have Jubilee 2000 and forget our debts
as we develop a world accounting system within an Earth Bank.

Yes we can evolve into a cashless, classless society where
goods and services are used freely when needed.

Yes we can be liberated from our addictions to oil, cars,
and harmful drugs and stop the street battles on the home front.

Yes we can raise our children collectively so that
all women have time to know their creative minds.

No we cannot fight resource wars in Iraq, Afghanistan,
the Congo or anywhere else around the globe.

No we can not use coal, gas and other
greenhouse gases if we want to live on a habitable world.

No we cannot continue to support an elitist educational system
that indoctrinates students to want to be part of the upper-middle class,
Ivy leaguers of the blue-blood ruling caste.

No we can’t continue to bail out the auto makers and insurance agencies,
and other criminals of capitalist greed who have destroyed ecosystems
on continents and genocides millions of people who get in its greedy way.

No we can not continue to listen to hollow presidents who win
election campaigns on false hope, telling us half-truths that
everything is fine as the water runs out and the roof caves in on us.

No we can’t continue to feed the military in a bankrupt world
cause by the inflated military bubble that makes useless
nuclear weapons instead of protecting our vital natural resources.



Human Extinction or Lovolution?