Whole New World



First World
Third World
Fourth World

When will we realize
the one world reality?

First World technologically advanced
Third World developing nations
Fourth World destitute and hopeless starving masses.

There is only one world.
As soon as we start living
as a whole-system devoted
to economic justice for all,
the sooner the illusion of
First World, Third World,
and Fourth World Towers of Babel can
melt down into the fusion of universal love.

Only then will the walls protecting the First World
fantasy lifestyle that consumes more than its fair share,
a heartless, unsustainable celebrity culture
that leaves others throughout the world in despair.

The masses overcome by resource wars, diseases
and shantytowns defeat the academic babble.
We begin to recover our lost humanity becoming
alive through our boundless creativity focused
on building the arcologies of Singularity.

One ocean, one sky, one sacred earth,
a world-wide computer data bank
accounts for all the resource of the world.
Managing the ecology of Spaceship Earth
the human species unites birthing into existence
a wisdom culture that brings to light the inner world.
Birth orgasms, birth orgasms, one final push, birth orgasm!

November 2, 2006




Human Extinction or Lovolution?