What Will It Be?



Will it be an impact of a meteorite?

Will it be a nuclear bomb explosion?

Will it be TM's quantum meditation?

Will it be the Second Coming of Jesus?

Will it be the ice caps melting and seas rising?

Will it be the running out of oil and the depletion of oxygen?

Will it be Amy Goodman's progressive radio show?

Will it be Cindy Sheehan and the Code Pink ladies?

Will be it all the furry animals going extinct?

Will it be the cutting down of the tropic rain forests?

Will it be Amazon River basin drying up?

Will it be class warfare in city streets?

Will it be silt ruining the soil in agricultural fields?

Will it be overpopulated masses starving to death?

Will it be a nuclear power plant melting down?

Will it be another terrorist attack in the USA?

Will it be a birth of a new global religion?

Will it be a technological invention?

Will it be the creative minority becoming Lovolutionarities?

Will it be the building of a network of arcologies?

What will it be that sets off the miraculous spark

causing humanity to embrace the Gaia world view?

Will it be an ecological catastrophe or religious creativity?

February 2007




Human Extinction or Lovolution?