Think Like a Planet


Love hero,
my journey is taking me to the Holy Land
to search for you in the middle of the vortex,
ground zero for the Third World War.
I go searching for you, tenderness,
the liberator of my poem as the word of love
becomes flesh in your sacred arms.
Love Hero, Israel needs the anti-nuclear Goddess
shouting at Moses on Mount Sinai
the new commandment of think like a planet,
justice on a worldwide scale,
a compassionate program that transcends nationalism
and patriarchal religions which have suppressed
the eutopian vision of the Great Goddess
of Divine Energy for thousands of years!

Wars come and go, fatally stuck in archetypal conflicts
that leads to patterns of misery, fossil fuel pollution,
and the ultimate crime of world destruction.
Soldiers change bodies,
reincarnate to build more sophisticated weapons,
but the drama is the same old story of war epics of Gods
using stones, bows and arrows, guns, tanks, land mines,
and atomic bombs to take human lives that women bore.
Love Hero of my Gaia Religion of planetary wholeness,
from the heat of depleted uranium the dust devils twirl in Iraq.

Gaia Messiah, I had a dream of us dancing in the rose garden
of an arcology powered by the fruits of desert sunlight,
a place where gynocracy has turned Palestinians and Israelis
into loving children building homelands of arcologies of world peace.




Human Extinction or Lovolution?