Goddess Sophia


Goddess loves me
man does not.
Goddess worships me,
man does not.
Man hits me calling me
a bitch and a cunt.
Man threatens to kill me
for loving him with my whole heart.

Goddess loves me and guides me
in my every step to seek justice
in a world driven by men and their fossil fuels,
their monster trucks, their rigged elections,
their fake religious systems, their violent wars,
their chaotic urban development patterns,
their corporate news, their competitive sports,
and their empty, prostituted, meaningless,
commercial and fine art.

The Goddess loves me
as men in their denial of how they abuse
me and the Earth teaches me the lessons
I need to learn so that my life is clear to
build a new world of partnership and true love.
Goddess blesses me and blesses man
when we recognize the wisdom of
the sophia within our own true self.

The Goddess has implanted a vision
that has effected the architecture of my brain.
I see a new cultural software sharing thoughts
as telepathic communication
becomes the new normal of rapid change.
Arcologies of social harmony live
as my marriage to my beloved friend
encourages me to let the Goddess live!

Dec. 2009



Human Extinction or Lovolution?