A Prayer to the Queen Goddess Bee


Queen Goddess Bee,
the rotten corporatocracy has caused colony disorder collapse.
Its greedy culture has enslaves bees and turned
their lives into the misery of being trucked coast to coast
to bring in 14.6 billion dollars annually to agri-business CEOs.

After corporate bee farmers give worker bees a starvation diet
of corn syrup, the stress of their exploited existence make
their immunity systems susceptible to parasites and disease.
When 90 percent of America 's fruits, vegetables, and nuts
are pollinated by industrial honey bees
we are in a mega crisis without the pollinators of peace.

Just like us, bees are slaves to corporate mentality that has
no understanding on how to work cooperatively with nature.
The healing vibration of the buzz of bees
has been silenced by the colony disorder disease.

Queen Goddess Bee,
free us to fly into organic gardens
within solar-powered arcologies,
where we work peacefully with nature to
restore our balance with the sacred cosmic order.

Queen Goddess Bee,
build us a sacred arcology.
In the hexagonal shape of the geometrically perfect hive,
so that we can leave industrial farming far behind.
I hear the buzz of the workers building the blocks
of a lovolutionary global consciousness,
as the human honey comb of life comes alive.



Human Extinction or Lovolution?