"Stop that Jesus," Mary cries.
"You are about to fuck me to death!"

Mary pulling herself away from Jesus
begins to have a convulsion.
Her body begins to shake.
She is going into a LSD flashback
to the night when the Holy Ghost
impregnates her with God the Father
and her son, Jesus Christ's sperm.

After a minute Mary calms down
enough to walk over to the window.
Something was going on outside.
She sees strange lights in the backyard.
There was one strobe white light
and other less intense lights
which were red, blue, and yellow
beaming out of an unidentified object
hovering over a clearing in her back yard
of her suburban split level house.

Mary screams, "Heavens! What is that?"
She cries in terror,
"I think I'm having a close encounter
of the Third Kind!"
She runs over to the phone to call
the police, but the line is dead.

The front door opens
and several humanoid creatures
dressed in spacesuits enter the room.
"God" she cries, "did you put LSD in my
herbal tea which you made me an hour ago
when we were discussing our divorce settlement?"

God laughing insanely says,
"I knew you would come to your senses
about being the Mother of my Son
and your role within our sacred marriage.

If you don't give me your eggs by your
free will, then I will take them by force.
You see, sweetheart,
I hired these extraterrestrial
scientists to remove some of your eggs.
I hope you don't mine sacrificing
them for me in the name of God."

He laughs as he signals the scientists
to escort Mary to the spaceship.
"Rape!" she screams.
"God is raping me. Great Goddess Help!"
She refuses to walk any further, sits down
on the ground in an act of civil disobedience
and says, "I will not go along
with your sick, fascist game."

"Oh, yes you will!" God says
as he walks up to her, kicks her,
and begins to twist her arm,
"You are a worthless, pathetic woman.
You will obey me. Do you understand?"

Mary answers, "I will never submit
to the Word of God again!"

God counters, "You inferior, stupid bitch!
Do you want me to break your arms?"
You will obey me. Do you understand?
You know I am a professional killer.

I have been the General of countless wars.
I am an expert torturer.
How would you like me to slowly
pull out your finger nails one by one?
Now get on your feet right now and walk to
that spaceship you damn good-for-nothing bitch."

Mary says, "You are no Savior, God.
You are a mass murder and mentally ill.
How could I go along with you now?"
I will never follow your dogma of
the Kingdom of Heaven!
You are a false Messiah who hates
the Goddess of True Love.
For centuries you have tried to make
me forget about the power of the Great Goddess!
But I remember Her now!
She will make your hate regime fall
as the Great Goddess reclaims her
natural sovereignty over the life-force.
Mark my words, the Gaia Messiah will create
Neutopia on Planet Earth!"

God responds, "How dare you utter the word Goddess.
There shall be no other Gods but me.
You are a mother not a Goddess, is that clear?

God signals the extraterrestrials to
come closer to Mary as he orders them,
"Tape up her mouth and tie up her hands."

The UFOs move towards her and put
plastic tape over her mouth as
they tie her hands in back of her body.

God then announces, "From this day forth,
that Witch will receive no press coverage
over my telecommunication networks.
She is now officially censored by the
corporate powers of God Almighty.
She is also not to be employed
as a teacher in any of my schools.
Do I make myself clear?
Now take her away" he commands the UFOs.

Mary remains sitting on the floor
unwilling to cooperate with them.
God says, "Knock her out then, boys.
Give her something so that she
has permanent amnesia about what
happened here on this holy night!

After you implant the embryo into her womb,
I want you to implant a memory in her brain
about the Immaculate Conception and the angel who comes
to her in a dream to tell her about the birth of Jesus."

The UFOs shot Mary up with a drug in a
needle into the back of her neck.
She falls unconscious on the ground.
The UFOs then carry her limp
body out to the spaceship.

God says to the extraterrestrials,
"After your job is completed you may
pick up the cattle in Brazil that
I promised you in exchange for
a job well done. Hey, what are you
weirdos doing with all those cows anyway?"


Mother Mary to herself:

"Great Goddess, I see your ecocities of love,
green vegetable gardens underneath geodesic domes
built in the most dramatic places--
Antarctica, deserts, hovering over grand canyons
as people move freely from one environment to another
from underwater cities to biospheres on planet Mars.

When one is born in this Great Neu World
they are given an account in the
Internet's Earth Bank where what counts is
one's personal integrity recorded in one's
information management system updated
and maintained by the actions of one's true self.

In Neutopia, individual security to insure
human rights has become the order, rather
than the days when national security caused governments
to spy on the data of citizens they thought were subverting
the corrupt nation-state system which didn't work to provide
people with life in secure ecological structures.

Goddess, please forgive me for my incestuous relationship
with my son, the father God, which has kept us enslaved
to his fossil-fuel poisonous economy when we
should have been building the Solar Jerusalem as a
model of a peace settlement for a high-tech Neu World.

How could I have been the pillars of the patriarchy
supporting his sexist and racist global village when
the people of the world suffered without
food, shelter and health care?
How could I have allow Him to take
my daughters and sons off to fight to
protect motherhood and the Bible
in the name of Statehood?

And I ask thee to forgive God, the Holy Ghost,
for his pornographic rape of my sacred body.
I now have the strength to understand
a woman's natural sovereignty!

I will not allow Him to rape me again!
O Goddess of Love, how I worship thee inside me!
Though email, I am now free to pursue your holistic dream.

Jesus to Mother Mary:

Thank you, Goddess, for the feminist movement.
It has liberated me from the delusion
of God's Kingdom Come.
I remember now,
the resurrection was just a God-damned
lie so that I would not have to confront
the Great Queen Goddess at my death.
I confess I was afraid to be reborn
through her divine womb, but now I know
about the mysterious ways of death and erotic love.

Let us build those arcologies of knowledge
with your divine Wisdom of how to create world peace
on Earth using the Internet and the World-Wide-Web.

Mother Mary to her Son:

Jesus, for eons I trained you to follow your father's Word,
but now I am aware of the follies he has done.
For centuries his genocidal wars have almost wiped out
indigenous peoples, animal, and plant species all over the world.
Until now, I didn't have the self-esteem to have confidence
in the vision of Neutopia which you gave me in the dream.
I see it now as our only hope at planetary salvation.

Before my self-enlightenment, I saw my role primary
as that of life-giver, care-taker and wife, certainly
not as an intellectual mistress to a neu way of thought.
Now, I know I am more than a womb and childrearer.
Only through our divine power can we build
a planetary culture where true love rules.
As a deliver, I am equal part of the Gaia Messiah.

I don't need to use you to gain social prestige.
I am an independent thinker who survives by
acknowledging my interconnectiveness with the web of life.
I have faith it will guide me to an honorable destiny
so that my life story will help us realize the purpose of love.

Jesus to the Spirit of the Earth:

Gaia, recycle my Spirit!
It is time to create neu heras and heros for the Neu Age!
It is time to write a green myth that unifies people.
Here I am alive once more at the end of a millennium
and the beginning of the next to serve humanity
with the deepest love and affection for the women in my life.

I have witnessed the Big Bang of atomic explosions
and have seen what the corporations of my brothers
with the approval of my mother have done.
What I seek now is the one pregnant with the
Big Birth of intelligent ecocities of unimaginable love.
Great Goddess, where do I find her?
I beg thee, where do I go to find the Holy One?



Human Extinction or Lovolution?