Haiti and the Earthquake Relief


Haiti, oh Haiti,
the earthquake is not gone.
Don't rebuild your government on
fault lines that could cause more
suffering in future time.

Haiti, oh Haiti,
you freed the colonial slaves
to live in a poverty state
because there was no help from the
superpowers to get you on your feet.

Haiti, oh Haiti,
humanity can now hear the cries
from underneath the rubble
and sees US military forces in the streets.
Capitalist exploiters have smiles on their faces
as the Shock Doctrine works well with
Tectonic Weapons of mass destruction.
Luxury hotels on Caribbean beaches sparkle
dollar signs on their greedy white faces.

Haiti, oh Haiti,
as the rains come,
tents are inadequate shelter for refugees
who are now faced with infectious disease.
Mother Island has become the place of the smell
of thousands of corpses piling larger every day.

Haiti, oh Haiti,
with the empathy money humanity
poured into you for earthquake relief,
you could build an ecological city
that works like a coral reef.
The poorest nation in the Northern Hemisphere
can be the leader in creative ecocity design.
By putting money into people not into warfare
you can free the modern slaves of poverty
as the great work of building arcology
employs each of you with insight to the Divine.

Haiti, oh Haiti,
will we watch you drown in social chaos
or will the island become a socialist paradise?
Providing basic human needs is the corner stone
of being the first ones to rebuild our planetary home
with a new lifestyle, a new mindset, a new connection to
the global heart as the African drum beats we shall overcome.


Human Extinction or Lovolution?