A Good Day for the Death of Civilization

Christians call today Good Friday
the day when Jesus died on the cross,
the day of the death of God.
His death was suppose to create a new
world of peace and liberation for all.
Today there is a war in Palestine.
Refugees in their homeland
are being bombed, their homes
destroyed by bulldozers as witnesses
of the independent global media look on.
The New Jerusalem is a pipe dream
in the land of Israel where walls block out
the natural loving spirit between neighbors
whose survival depends on their ability to share.

On this Good Friday 2009,
let it be the day of the death
of modern civilization in all
its religious forms, the death
of organized patriarchal religions,
of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism,
so that a new world based on human needs
and the rights of nature can be born.
Gaia, crone goddess of birth and death,
we call on you to bury ancient war myths
and to transfigure epic poetry so that in the end
women of peace rule the planet beside their loving men.


Human Extinction or Lovolution?