The Genius Bar



While waiting for help at the Genius Bar,
a young boy, one step up from a tot,
is at the computer for children at the Apple store.

He's playing a star wars game
chopping off heads with a laser sword.
“Oh my God!” he exclaims as a red heart pops
on the computer screen recording that
he has made another score by killing a digital
creature who is fleeing from the tyranny of war.
That's progress or is it another generation of mental illness?

If only computers could be used to take away the madness,
make us into creatures of love, creativity, and peace.
If only we could use them to build our planetary salvation,
galactic urban gardens on Earth and colonies in Outer Space.
The atomic clock on the computer ticks
as the human race watches beautiful species go extinct.
Deep in my heart I know that the war mentality
will be terminated one way or another.

I saw the new recruitment advertisement for the Air Force
when I attended the dollar night movie at the local theater.
It was a picture of a soldier in his 21 st Century military gear
with the slogan underneath: “It's not science fiction;
it's what the US Air Force does everyday.”
My eyes blur as science fiction becomes fact as
I read on the Air Force website: the eye in the sky
GPS navigation surveillance satellite matrix is now in place.
The New York Times front page article, reads,
“Ay Robot! Scientists Worry Machines May Outsmart Man. ”
Predator Drones are driving pilots out of the cockpit.

The only thing that can survive in a toxic world
are the breathless, heartless machines programmed
to kill the enemy within us, that inhuman soul that
teaches children how to play war games rather than how to
pursue our collective happiness necessary for world peace.
The script has been written for Skynet activation.

The terminator is our California governor when
what we need is a visionary, wisdom team
guiding us to seek a just and lasting inner peace.
We trigger the divine blueprint within us
by moving beyond the master/slave economy.
Robots become the labor force needed to construct
a global network of solar-powered arcologies
as models of the best practices of humanity.
A global culture of organic foods,
universal education, and health care for all
makes another world possible
when intelligent machines turn out to be
allies of an evolved superhuman species.





Human Extinction or Lovolution?