A Plea for Help


Fame Goddess,
you make people into demi-gods
whose thoughts and images
get posted in the media waves of TV,
newspapers, blogs, films, and radio.
Spirits of global consciousness,
they become mythic lives.
How much more I could do,
dear goddess of fame,
if I had you on my side!
My words could move into places
where they can't penetrate without
your godly power.

I could rise up to a new level of association
allowing me to be able to promote arcology
to the rich and famous movers and shakers.
I would be asked to speak at peace rallies
to talk about building social palaces
for the people's liberation.
I could become a protectress of the public trust,
a foundress of a global commons of Lovolution.
Being a co-creatrix of a global renaissance,
sustainable development could become real.
I would have the gift of magnetism needed
to gather the necessary genius and talent around
me to manifest a 21 st century Gaian lifestyle
free of the automobile.

Fame Goddess,
You determine the stories that get told,
stories that survive individual lifetimes.
Without fame I will remain
faithful to your glorious cause of bringing
global justice through words of vision and love.
But if the Goddess would bless me with
the Almighty wind, I could sail much further
on the ocean of life and become one more
brilliant star within the spiral galaxy within.
Guide me Goddess to creative projects
worthy of public recognition.
Direct my attention to ideas
that will survive the test of time.
Steer me on the path that brings more
goodness, truth, and beauty to the world.
Without you in my future my work will likely die;
but if my work is to help deliver planetary
enlightenment, then don't let my work die!
Don't let it go extinct like
the other species who have gone
into the oblivion of mass extinction!
Let these words rise off the page
to dance and sing the songs of Lovolution.



Human Extinction or Lovolution?