Arcologies for Refugees

Environmental refugees,
there are millions of you
living on the edge of the sea.
Rising tides, hurricanes, tornados,
wild fires, floods, and droughts make
the American continent into a living hell.

The Last Generation is oblivious
as to what to do about climate change.
They chat on iphones, downloading itunes
during their university classes in the USA.

They are the Last Generation
before the mutates are born.
Their DNA was corrupted by
uranium tailings of the Cold War.

Environmental refugees,
you are homeless in a hostile world,
as people fight over the final gallons of clean water
and struggle to get enough oxygen in an atmosphere
contaminated with depleted uranium weapons.

Environmental refugees, don't give up!
Let me guide you into a courageous new world.
Collectively we can build a global village of
solar-powered arcologies on Earth and in Heaven.

Growing organic gardens that feed us raw fruits
vegetables, we realize natural food is our medicine.
We can survival the Armageddon of modern era
if we learn to work, love, live, and think together.



Human Extinction or Lovolution?