Earth's Shadow

I am the shadow that people with power
and the mainstream media ignore.

I am the shadow of a world without borders,
a paradise of solar energy,
a network of cooperation with nature in a way
that brings kindness and beauty to the Earth.

I am the shadow of our collective dream
forming a resource-based economy
where all goods and services are free.

I am the shadow of an ecological way of living
that allows all industry to be safe and clean.

I am the shadow that creates
a whole-world systems design where
humans have what they need to grow wise.

I am the Earth's shadow.
You can see me a dusk.
You have called me a witch
and tortured my divine voice.

You have murder my people,
and caused massive species extinction,
You have based governments on deception
and conspired against the life-force.

Wake up to the shadow or you will not find
the way to live in peace with climate change.

Turn away from the shadow and see the night sky.
Turn away from the shadow and see the sun rise.
Fear not the world we can create when we
honor the Earth's shadow and worship the sun light.



Human Extinction or Lovolution?