Blessed is Code Pink



Blessed are the peacemakers,
Code Pink women in the halls of Congress.
They are the ones with Gaia's blood
stopping wars of mass destruction.
No longer fooled by the
Republicans and Democrats,
they march in the parades of life
delivering to the suffering masses
the possibility of planetary happiness.

The inheritors of Earth are wise women
who are birthing a world-wide Lovolution!
Getting arrested for shooting peace signs in
the House Foreign Relations Committee,
for wearing message t-shirts,
and singing songs of dissent,
their acts of courage and nonconformity
make us all aware of the cosmic force within.

Liberated women, liberate us all!
There is no more business as usual
as the climate changes and the Empire falls.
Blessed are the peacemakers
for they are the new global mythmakers,
putting an end to the tyranny of history
by embodying the power of womankind.
Redirecting funds from the war machine
into programs that give children peace,
they are the restorers of community values
Blessed is Code Pink.



Human Extinction or Lovolution?