Cave of Sacred Activism



My heart is a dark cave.
It's warmed by a white laser beam
that projects my holographic brain.
It watches TV screens mounted
on the cavern walls.
Seeing through the heart,
I feel the needs, not only of me,
but of everyone.
Images of the world shine through
in living colors as voices of the world
reverberate dreams of peace
in its echo chambers.
My cave is a blood vortex where the
holy red water of life rushes through
cleaning my cells of any selfish thoughts.

Moving pictures of species' in distress
disturb my inner peace, but since
my heart beats with the same
spinning pattern as all of life,
Gaia's pulse awakes the serpent
who protects the cave's sacred space.
The root current rises up my spine
and moves into sacred activism
standing up for the things I love
and the planet's frugal ecosystems.

For seven years a demon
made my cave his home.
He abused me, called me degrading names,
destroyed my creative work and stole
my resources and my sacred heart.
But now, among the stalagmites and stalactites
the crystal formations are star light.
Bats nurture their babies
shielded by a limestone force field of love
guarding the hole where the demon had
entered my heart and manipulated my life
with his insincere charms.
Freed of the demon, I now see a woman
who will never again accept the lies of men.
She has found the path of liberation in the
subterranean cave of finding her true self.



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