Unity Poetry Slide Show

Mexican-American BorderApril 2005

photos by Wayne Sumstine

It was a chilly windy day on the border of Mexico. Poets and poetesses of both sides of the wall had gathered to recite or read unity poetry. It was a joyful occasion and I was high riding on the wind as we walked a mile to the site of the forum. I read my poem Justice In Your Hands about the foreign policy follies of George W. Bush.

I didn’t have enough time to finish it during the first five-minute-limit round robin. At the end of the first round, the moderator asked if anyone else would like to read. When I said I would like to finish my poem about President Bush, he said I had my five minutes for that silly poem even though other poets were giving time for second poems. I thought of my Buddhist teachings on the way of the Bodhisattva and didn’t get angry even when he pushed my physical body. I wasn’t attached to finishing the poem and could walk away unharmed.

As my companion Wayne and I were walking away the moderator called for the long-winded poetess to finish her poem. Even though I felt it insulting to be called long-winded, I proceeded to the mic and finished what I had set out to do on that windy day to tell the long painful truth about the war of George W. Bush and the vast ignorance of the American people who elected him to office.



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