End the Nuclear Establishment and
Save Gaia for Generations to Come



I've been inspired by the Mother Earth Healing Foundation to participate in their "Vigil for Japan and the Pacific Ocean" in my own way. For me, “Mother Earth” is the scientific Gaia Theory. Gaia is a huge collection of interacting ecosystems that transcends all individual organisms. Gaia, a superorganism, works as a planetary nervous system. It is responsible for atmospheric and temperature regulation. Our use of fossil fuels and nuclear power is poisoning the environment and causing Gaia to loose the climatic balance needed to maintain a habitable atmosphere for humankind and other threaten species.

Reading articles about our nuclear crisis is devastating to the human consciousness. When atoms are split, it unleashes the basic power of the universe. The Japanese disaster has been called "the dirty bomb of the Pacific" since millions of gallons of radioactive water has been flushed into the sea. Ocean currents will spread the nuclear waste to other parts of the ocean as the jet stream has spread air-born participles of radioactive isotopes throughout the world. The planetary ecosystem is negatively affected by radioactivity that is made through nuclear fission. Man-made radioactivity is a war against life in which life is defenseless against the 200 fission by-products.

Plutonium, a fission byproduct was named after the God of Hell. It and the other by-products are an invisible poisonous demon that causes long-term health affects. It destroys healthy cells in human beings causing cancer. Plutonium attacks testicles destroying chromosomes. When it crosses over the placenta, it can kill a cell which is in the crucial stage of development resulting in fetal deformities. Once it has been released into the environment many of the man-made isotopes have half-lives of thousands of years. Once they are in the environment, there is no way to detoxify it. “Normal” radiation releases from the daily functioning of nuclear power plants are dangerous. 42,000 pounds of radioactive material are produced each year by nuclear power plants around the world. There is no safe nuclear power.

The Global Energy Elite has been playing with the poison fire of nuclear power for too long. It has invested our resources into manufacturing nuclear weapons and building nuclear power plants while people go without food, education, health care, renewal energy, and sustainable housing. It hasn't known how to manage our planetary resources in a way that brings happiness and social justice to all. Thus, we live in a planetary dystopia. The foundation of their ever-growing model of the plutonium economy is false and unstable. Their construction of urban sprawl energized by nuclear power and fossil fuels has exploited nature to the point where a vast number of species go extinct each year because of lose of their natural habitats. A balanced ecology has limits to growth; what doesn't have limits is cancer.

Since the Global Energy Elite owns mass media networks, they control the content. Consequently, the public continues to be brainwashed by their spin experts. They tell us we have nothing to worry about. The levels of radiation are safe. A week after the disaster, radiation levels were no longer seen as current news. The focus in the mass media had become the royal wedding, celebrity conflicts, Obama's multiple wars, the budget crisis, but not on the really deep news story that affects generations to come.

When I saw the video taken of the giant tsunami wave hitting the Fukushima nuclear power planet, I saw the life-force of the planet, Gaia, rising up in the war against Nature. I witnessed its divine like-power to give life or to take it away. Western Civilization has been living in arrogance and denial of it and now it is outraged at us.

The German government has declared that it is phasing out nuclear power as a result of the Japanese disaster and phasing in renewable energy. Even with this positive and sensible news from Germany, the American government has not made such commitments even though there are nuclear power plants on the coast of the United States that are known to be on earthquake faults and tsunami zones.

Radioactivity is composed of submicroscopic particles that emit deadly rays that can not be detected through the five senses. To save ourselves and the precious ecology--our life support system--we have to collectively focus our attention to heal ourselves of our collective energy disease.

Prayers and meditation are also invisible and have been know to help heal people during focused visualization. Our power against this life-destroying force is conscious evolution, to consciously choose to move beyond King CONG (coal, oil, nukes, and gas). Our prayers and meditations, what has been called Subtle Activism, invoke the powers of the global brain and heart within each of us to overcome the global tyranny. We demand nuclear abolition and decommissioning of nuclear power plants the world over. Then, a new world that doesn't use polluting forms of energy is possible.

Vigil is designed to:

  • Support the workers at the Fukushima plant who are risking their lives to stop the world disaster. Visualize the Japanese working with the best experts in the world to find a solution to stopping the continued release of radiation into our environment.
  • The beginning of total media transparency about the seriousness of our planetary crisis. Truth and nothing but the truth will be released through the media.
  • An immediate halt of uranium mining and construction of new nuclear power plants world-wide.
  • An immediate freeze on government and private spending on anything related to nuclear war (including Depleted Uranium weapons) and nuclear power. Those funds are to be rechanneled into building a network of solar-powered arcologies.
  • Restitution for those who have been affected by nuclear tragedy since 1945.

Prayer and Meditation for Japan

  • Be in a place were you can connect with Nature. Take a few minutes to breath in love and exhale fear.
  • Set your intention to connect with Gaia, the microbial life-force of the planet. Move your consciousness deep within your cells where the ancient mitochondria—the power house of the cell-- live. Once you have made the connection with your internal energy source, pledge allegiance and devotion to Her—the Mitochondrial Eve.
  • In your own words, say "We understand that the Nuclear Age has brought great damage to the Gaia. We repent for the suffering and sickness we have caused."
  • See yourself as part of a collective movement to redeem humanity by tuning into Gaia Messiah consciousness. Your gifts and talents are now used to restore our biosphere to its original health, beauty, and splendor. Imagine a massive human effort being organized by the militaries of the world to clean up all the industrial and military toxins. Their purpose evolves from destroying life to restoring life.
  • Witness the morphing of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission into the International Alternative Energy Commission where leading architects, engineers, and inventors from around the world meet to design ecological cities connected by a non-polluting, non-toxic, and a safe world energy grid.
  • Visualize the birth of Solartopia emerging from the aftermath of the Japanese tragedy. See a universal energy grid of light touching every soul on Earth with the power necessary to create a caring world economy, one not based on growth or hyper-consumption, but on sustainability, creativity, and sharing.
  • Feel the excitement of being a pioneer moving into a beautifully designed ecological city (arcology) (ecopolis) that is 100% sustainable, free, and inclusive. Visualize such an arcology built in the Tokyo harbor as a new home for Fukushima refugees. The arcology will be a new model for the rest of the world. From the ashes of the Bomb, the Solar Age will have truly begun in the land of the Rising Sun.


Image by Vincent Callebaut


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