Images from the Protest against the Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons

Sponsored in part by United Neighbors Weapons Inspectors

at Davis Monthan AFB Tucson, AZ

November 6, 2004



The A-10 warplanes shot DU bullets from a machine gun out of its nose. Depleted uranium, or U-238, is a byproduct of uranium enrichment. It is can be used in nuclear weapons and reactor fuel, so it is very toxic. It is also used in armor-piercing munitions. When DU bullets ignite, it burns on impact at temperatures several thousands degrees Celsius. Uranium oxide aerosol, tiny particles or dust, is created while it burns. Wind can carry these participles vast distances. Even though the alpha radiation is low, when it is breathed in, it can induce DNA damage and carcinogenic lesions in the cells.

DU was first used in the first Gulf War in 1991. Since that time, areas in Iraq where DU was used, the cancer rate has risen. But the Congress and the White House have refused to acknowledge the escalating cancer rates at places it has been used even though at home in the US, billions of dollars have gone into cleaning up munitions factories, military firing rangers, and nuclear fuel production sites where DU was manufactured and used.

The United Nations officials and the appointed Iraqi government want to know where DU has been used in Iraq so that they can clean it up, but the Pentagon refuses to tell them. Why not? For the sake of international workers, US soldiers, and the Iraqi people, tell us!

If you have any information about where the A-10s have been shooting DU bullets, please contact whistleblower support, 908-9269 or 323-8697 or write me an email and let's get the story out!





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