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The Goal of Lovolution.net

Lovers United

Evolution or World War?

Outline of Key Concepts


The mission of Lovolution.net is to advance the idea that love is the glue of the universe. By better understanding this natural universal phenomenon, we will be able to discover the way to world peace. Lovolution sees itself as a vital new word within the new spirituality movement.

The goal of Lovolution.net is to be a place to transform Buckminister Fuller’s idea of creating a World Management Committee into a holocracy (goverance structure within a whole systems design), or in poetic terms, a Magnum Concilium (Great Council), as a way of organizing the new spirituality movement. Perhaps Neal Donald Walsch’s “Humanity’s Team” organization might be able to evolve towards Fuller’s goal of “creating world production teams.” Connected with this idea is Barbara Marx Hubbard’s “mandala of synergy,” a vocational wheel that helps a participator tap into her or his gifts within the context of the evolving new paradigm. Another idea central to this change is to change the way we perceive time. As we shift into a Thirteen Moon/28 day time cycle, the feminine forces are reopen as our calender reflects the cycles of nature. Lovolution.net would like to see these ideas flow into oneness; the site’s purpose is to help make these connections possible.

Lovolution.net seeks to be one of the “islands of coherence” within the sea of chaos that helps to lift our dysfunctional system to a higher social order.

By bringing the parts of the whole together, the Magnum Concilium, an “action tank,” would have the wisdom required to formulate blueprints of a new planetary vision. With the aid of a world computer database and the foundation of an “Earth Bank with ‘opened source economy’,” the Magnum Concilium could be the building block needed for us to launch major construction projects to redesign our present unsustainable cities into new sustainable ecocities, and eventually, building what architect Paolo Soleri calls arcologies.

Neutopian arcologies are not the stuff of science fiction but are evolutionary necessities, a practical means of solving our global and local problems that overpopulation, urban sprawl, and the depletion of our natural resources have caused. To save the world’s ecosystem for humans as well as for other eukaryotic life, a new social architecture grounded in the globalization of love is called for. Not only is this a change of heart but also in action, in our lifestyle, in the way we relate to each other. To live in a high-density, three-dimension arcology is the ultimate communal act requiring citizens to seek inner peace and self-knowledge so that each individual is free to find his or her authentic self that is in balance with our collective responsibilities.

Every new spirituality movement needs a utopian vision as a goal of the here-and-now and the future society. What Lovolution.net is attempting to provide is that utopia, or what I call Neutopia, a world first coined by John Lennon and Yoko Ono on their Mind Games album.

The Queedom of the God/dess is within the infinite soul of everyone, but it is our duty to work with others to co-create that internal blueprint of love and peace into the material world of Gaia. Lovolution.net is such a place.

Doctress Neutopia
Tucson, Arizona
July 5, 2004
doctress (at) lovolution.net





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