Goal of Lovolution.net:


Type 1 Civilization

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The goal of Lovolution.net is to move us into a Type 1 civilization. In Michio Kaku's book Visions, he outlines Nikolai Kardashev and Princeton physicist Freeman Dyson’s civilization types. As scientists scan the sky searching for extraterrestrial civilizations, when, or if, they finally do discover them, scientists will label them according to the way the civilization utilizes energy. They speculate that when the energy supply at one stage of a civilization is exhausted, it forces the society to advance to another stage.

What I am suggesting is that humanity is quickly exhausting fossil fuels, changing the global climate as it does so, and there is still no answer as to what to do with the poisonous waste from nuclear power. It is critical for our survival that we move from a Type 0 civilization to a Type 1 civilization. Such a change requires us to repattern cities to met our energy needs with new energy technologies.

Since we live in a planetary system, not only do we need to repattern world-wide energy use, but we need to change the design of cities, the container of civilization itself in order to make it energy efficient and with the best design needed to utilize Bucky Fuller’s world energy grid. What I am suggesting is that to do so requires us to build a network of arcologies, an evolutionary container of a Type 1 civilization.

I speculate that arcology cannot come into existence without the combination of a Gaian governance structure and a world energy grid. I also speculate that Gaian governance and a world energy grid cannot happen without the planning out of both the social and physical architecture of an arcology. These connections cannot be made without the Internet become a global brain of a world-wide computer data base necessary to repattern the global economy using alternative energy technologies and a human and environmental rights mandate.


Human Extinction or Lovolution?