Web Designer

I have been trained to use Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Painter programs. If you are interested having me design or manage a site for you, please contact me.


Gaia Ritual Conductor

Creating rituals to Gaia is an act of grace. I’ve created several rituals to Gaia and would like to do more. Give me a reason to create a Gaia ritual, for a funeral, a wedding, a birth or rebirth ceremony, an anniversary, puberty or menopause rite, or a healing and wellness ritual and I will go to work if it resonates with me. If you are interested in cocreating a ritual, let’s try it. Send me an email!


Would you like to learn more about Neutopia’s theory of social architecture and the way social and physical architecture affects your life? Take my online course on my book, Gaia, The Planetary Religion: The Sacred Marriage of Art and Science. This ten lesson self-paced independent study consists of reading Neutopia's online book and creating a blog (web diary) about your experiences and impressions of the text. Questions and comments about the text will be conducted through email and phone calls. To read a course description click here. Email me if you are interested.

Public Speaker

I have several dynamic slide shows available to present to your civic or religious group or classroom. These slide shows have been shown at international conferences. After the show, I engage the audience in a thoughtful discussion about what to do about the problems facing the human species using a Gaian perspective.

Titles of shows are:

A Place for Poets

The Gaia World View

Eros and Arcology: The Search for Meaning at Arcosanti

Global Governance and Arcology: the Building of a Sustainable World View

Email me.

Video and Radio Interviews

If you would like for me to appear on your radio or TV show, please contact me. I’ve been interviewed on a number of radio and cable TV shows and well as in newspapers. During interviews, I feel that I shine because it is really the work I love to do, to be a messenger of peace! If you are a producer who could help me create my own show, I would like to talk with you about this possibility. Email me.


As a Neu journalist, I’m always seeking stories that advance the cause of justice and world liberation. If you know environmental violations that are affecting the public health or any whistle blowing stories, (especially anything at the Tucson Raytheon plant) that the public needs to know about and that the mainstream media will not cover, contact me. It might be a story I would be interested in covering.

If you are an editor and need a columnist, give me a try. Journalism needs an independent voice for lovolution and a woman’s worldview, so try me and see what affect my ideas have on your readership.

Art Guide (Local Group or Guest Workshop Guide)

For the course description click here.

Needed: Screenplay writer/documentary filmmaker/researcher

I seek a screenplay writer, researcher, and fundraiser to help me bring my theory of architecture, through looking at the history of architecture, to the screen. I visualize this project as a documentary going to archeological locations at the beginning of civilization to try to decipher why the world has created an unstable urban sprawl and what our alternatives are. The documentary will end with our quest to inhabit Outer Space and the kind of habitats we need to create in order to expand through the Milky Way Galaxy by looking at the idea of arcology and the Biosphere II experiment.

Needed: Publisher, Editor, and Financer

I seek a publisher for my unpublished (in print) manuscripts, essays, poetry, and artworks I have done over the past 28 years. Also needed is an editor who would like to work with me to get manuscripts ready for publication.

I have an idea for a series of postcards, pamphlets, and a Lovolution t-shirt but need a financial backer for these projects. If interested, please email me and let’s set up a time to talk.

Needed: Innovative Educator

If you are an educator who is interested in helping me develop an early childhood education curriculum on the way children perceive “home,” and a sustainable development model as outlined in Chapter 6 , I would like to talk with you about forming a partnership for this important project.

Needed: Children’s book Illustrator for The Neu Santa. For details contact me.





Human Extinction or Lovolution?