Spiritual Mentorship Through Art or Art as a Meditative Practice


This course will explore the inner life of the artist through watercolor or other visual mediums of the artist's choice. Using automatic drawing, visualizing dreams, and using color intuitively, our goal is to align ourselves with our cosmic nature. Through our creativity, we will become channels of a positive future. During the duration of the course, we will become spiritual midwives to the gifts of others in our artistic circle by becoming a safe space where our cosmic consciousness can blossom.

Class time each week will be divided between group developmental exercises, inspirational readings, and philosophic discussions on the role of the artist in society. Visualization and breathing meditations will be conducted before we begin working on the task of making art. The use of Hemi-Sync music will also help us to move into the imaginal realm.


Doctress Neutopia, aka Libby Hubbard, Ed.D, has a doctorate in Future Studies from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Her focus of study was the Gaia hypothesis, art and utopia. She moved to Arizona in 1999 to work for architect Paolo Soleri. Presently, she has been involved with Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Gateway to Conscious Evolution Internet course. Neutopia has worked in several mediums: watercolor, woodcuts, photography, oil and acrylic, and digital images. She is a leading advocate of her vision of lovolution, the evolution of revolution, a non-violent world transformation needed to create a world-system designed to create justice, peace, and balance with nature for all the planet’s creatures.


Human Extinction or Lovolution?