August 2004

Letter of Interest

I’m interested in teaching a course I’ve designed on the future of civilization for the Women’s Studies Department at the University of Arizona. The course is illustrated with images throughout pre-history and art history, as well as visions of the future from leading futurists and artists.

Civilizations rise and fall. Many scholars feel that our present civilization based on patriarchal values, such as national borders and the international exploitation of the global ecology, is both physically and morally bankrupt. In my course, I would like to take students on a journey to the roots of civilization, not only to the underlying spiritual and ideological beliefs that shape our present society, but to the physical structures—the primitive hut and temple-- that were formed around those belief systems, in order to get to root causes of our species’ demise. As a source of inspiration, going back to pre-history and the ancient Goddess culture, we will explore a different architectural design that created a culture where women were not only equal to men, but were the inventors of culture.

Then the course goes into the fall of goddess culture and the rise of rulers of a new archetypal model of development, patriarchal culture and the formation of city–states. Such a world-view has dominated our culture for 5,000 years. Now many people feel that to save us from this culture of war, environmental destruction, imperialism, etc., an alternative model is necessary. Finally, the course looks at the possibility of creating a “partnership model” based on a co-creative, co-evolutionary model of an ever-expanding, alive universe. Not only is this worldview liberating to women but to men since it is founded on universal human rights.

I’m interested in sharing my knowledge and vision with a new generation of feminist. In a time of war at the “cradle of civilization,” I hope that such a course would help to inspire peace activists and feminist scholars who have the courage, insight, and wisdom to create a new civilization.

Sincerely yours,
Libby Hubbard, Ed.D


Human Extinction or Lovolution?