Planetary Reproduction and Gaia Religion

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By Doctress Neutopia

January, 2007



The word “religion” comes from the latin re-ligare that means to bind back to the origin or the source. My online book, Gaia Religion: the Sacred Marrriage of Art and Science binds us to the source. I go back to the origins of life and to the beginning of civilization to discover why we presently have a dysfunctional and destructive relationship with ourselves and with Nature. The purpose of looking at the past is so that we can understand the present in order to have the foresight needed to build a civilization that lives in balance with Nature.

The Gaia Religion isn't like the patriarchal religions that have a pyramid hierarchy where there is a priestly class of enlightened ones who hold the knowledge that the rest of us are unable to obtain. Gaia brings us back in touch with the bacterial cells within us so that we achieve a workable blueprint of a happy and healthy society for all sentient beings on the planet.

In addition to Gaia Religion's embracing of evolutionary spirituality, its specific mission is to create a network of evolutionary city designs— arcologies —on Earth and in Outer Space to either prevent or, if necessary, to survive a dramatic global climate change. Arcologies are living machines that integrate our technologies with the web of life. I am aware that many people feel that our age-old problems of war, poverty, etc. are caused by religion and thus humanity doesn't need another religion over which to fight. They see religion as the problem because it can lead to dogmatic thinking that stifles creative process.

The strategy among some New Age thinkers is to reject all “religion” out of hand and to strive to realize a global spirituality, to uncover the spirit that has been the kernel inspiration for all the great world religions. The goal of evolutionary spirituality is to acknowledge that we are members of a human family and therefore must focus on our common interests. I have no basic disagreement with this point of view. My only feeling is that it simply doesn't go far enough.

To evolve into a global culture and economy of love where humans act as a single system, and where everyone's needs are met and their highest ideals are liberated, requires us to embrace a new belief or value system. It moves us beyond the constricting and failing patriarchal institutions that have been built and maintained over the centuries to the point of waging world wars to protect their dogmas. Our task is to evolve beyond temples, churches, synagogues, and mosques as the “holy” architecture surrounded in a secular world, to seeing the entire planet as sacred space. We all share in the responsibility to maintain the life-support systems by using science and technology to advance us ethically to new levels of existence.

To visualize the way out of the social and inefficient lifestyle patterns, patriarchal religions along with commercial forces have not produced, a whole new belief and value system, a new meme- complex is needed.

The Gaia world view asserts that all transmitted knowledge involves meme transference. Memes are analogous to genes except that they work on the cultural plane within the Noosphere to propagate information patterns. Memes are idea-viruses. When a person has been infected by a meme, their behavior is altered. Exposed to an idea-virus, the meme works quickly to infect the brain's neurons to open up (or to shut down) channels of thought. As neurons fire in the case of exposure to positive ideas, connections are made that build a blueprint for survival within us. When memes form symbiotic relationships with one another, they co-evolve into a meme-complex.

The Noosphere is thinking layer or mind space of the Earth, a place inhabited by our archetypes, dreams, imagination, and prayers. It is the region where thought, creativity, reasoning, remembering, and decision-making take place. In the Noosphere meme-complexes take form and evolve as in the biosphere—the zone of life on Planet Earth--biological evolution takes form. The Noosphere is the realm of cultural evolution where morphogenesis--the coming into being of form--takes place. In this space, a new global morphic field is emerging of ever-tightening webs of cutting edge economics, politics, social systems, science, knowledge, and technology. Different disciplines are interacting, reordering global systems to build a more complex civilization with greater freedom. When enough people have been infected by this Gaia meme-complex, a planet code will open up an evolutionary pathway to global transformation.

The meme-complex of Gaia builds an overarching design framework which understands Nature to be a conscious co-evolutionary process. As more and more people become aware of the Gaia blueprint, this knowledge advances consciousness to a new level of thought and action, building a strategy for administering the planet code of our survival. It provides us with an epic love story of our relationship within the Cosmos so that we can build a planetary ecological management system.

The sacred icon of Gaia Religion is the Earth seen from Outer Space. Gaia is the life-force interacting with inanimate materials that work to regulate the climate necessary in order for life on the planet to evolve. To reach our next stage of evolution where we begin to see the whole planet as living system requires us to build a new foundation based on the attainment and power of love.

A metaphor that best describes Gaia is seeing the planet as the largest living complex cell in our solar system. The planet cell is becoming aware that it is on the verge of giving birth to a new consciousness. Not only is it unconsciously dividing (reproducing) by binary fission through prokaryotic cells to create two identical daughter cells, but more importantly it is reproducing through conscious human sexual reproduction that allows for the memetic blending necessary to create a new species.

Since individually we can be said to be the neurons of Gaia, our creative love partnerships are essential to Gaia's reproductive process. Through our love, we are on the verge of creating new worlds, morphing into a magnificent Superorganism, a balance between agape and erotic love.

As with all things in the evolving universe, sexuality is changing form, evolving from the simple desire for biological reproduction as a means to our individual genetic survival to a “suprasexuality” based on the desire for planetary reproduction as a means for our species' survival.

In an overpopulated world, it is essential to realize the importance of moving from gene- based sexuality-- the joining of our genetic codes required for bringing more children into the world--to a meme-based sexuality, the joining of our genius codes to create a new world. Genius codes are the essential creative gifts we are endowed with at birth and, when given the proper support and nourishment, are able to actualize. The romantic attraction between people in Gaia Religion is the desire to join genius codes. Sexual arousal becomes the conscious desire to fuse our creative ideas with others in order to create a new state of affairs. This can happen in homosexual as well as heterosexual contexts.

Biologists note that 99% of species that have existed on Earth have gone extinct. One explanation for this is the tragic disappearance of species niches. Indeed, with the current volume of human population growth, global pollution, and global conflicts that could result in the use of weapons of mass destruction, the extinction of our species is all too likely.

Secondly, a species goes extinct because it evolves into a new species. In the near future, certain technological achievements could make it possible for humans to become superhumans. For example, embedding computer chips in the human brain could make all human knowledge and language accessible at lightning fast speeds.

A third and final way species go extinct is because they split into two or more species. We see the beginning of such a split in an elementary form by looking at the difference in brain power between the information have and have-nots, the great digital divide. Those privileged to have Internet access have the “Global Brain” at their fingertips, whereas those without access do not have the stimulation necessary for their neurons to become activated in order for the planet code to emerge within them.

Unlike biological evolution where a species splits off because of biological recombination and mutation, the split between superhumans and humans is based on meme mutation involving cultural and technological advances. Splitting our species into two different species is an undesirable scenario for us because it creates two classes of human beings--inferior and superior ones—which is an ancient formula for class warfare and with it the possibility of nuclear holocaust.

The alternative and best scenario is that the meme of Gaia infect us with a vision of the oneness of the Cosmic continuance-- what is good and evolutionary for one is good and evolutionary for all. Either we evolve together, developing an Gaia culture, or perish together, ridding the Universe of a species that wasn't intelligent enough to evolve into Homo universalis! Evolving together means that our goal is to build a planetary culture where everyone has equal access to the technology and resources of the world. To do this means that it is imperative that we design our cities into arcologies, designed with the purpose of eliminating poverty and creating global social equity.



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