A Love Feminista


Doctress Neutopia

Fall 1992


The most stressed phrase at the Republican convention '92 was "family values." By this Republicans seem to mean the traditional home environment of the nuclear family: people related by marriage, legal custody, and blood, who represent to them the basic unit of a strong capitalist and militaristic foundation. They believe all members of the family should be provided economic and emotional security from the family wealth: health care, education, food, housing, and all the other necessities of life. Since the basic cell of capitalism is "family" property, they are attempting to keep the wealth controlled by the patriarchy because God the Father knows best as he pledges allegiance to the American flag and goes off to war to defend the national interests of the Motherland.

Republicans, according to the 1992 platform, are no longer aspiring to "promote the general welfare" if it means raising taxes. To them anyone who falls outside the traditional family structure and has no economic base should not receive welfare from the taxpayers. The taxpayers are in part recognized for their loyalty as hard workers who do their duty to America by providing a good family life for their children, no matter how destructive their job may be to their progeny and the long-term health of the ecology or how many people their job exploits. Republicans believe there will always be a class of poor, homeless, and unemployed people of inferior genes, for all purposes a criminal class in that they can not make the American Dream come true in their lifetime.

These are the people Republicans feel should be cleared from the streets since in the Republican view these people are the ones who are breaking up "domestic tranquility." A Republican slogan could appropriately be: "Care not for those who are not your kin." The
Republican platform is not about universal love, but about the narrow-mindedness of self-interest.

For the patriarchs, the role of the mother is the most important function of the woman. She is not only the child bearer, but she is responsible for raising the children to promote good- old-boy mentality which is why the Republicans want to give greater power to parents and the Church in controlling the education of our youth. As we have seen by the patriarchy allowing Barbara Bush and Marilyn Quayle to speak at the convention podium, it is alright for women to be heard as long as they promote the male ego and the materialistic world-view, as long as they obey the word of the male God. To the Republicans, women are to be treated as castrated males, eternally frustrated by Freudian "penis envy."

Since home ownership is the central point which passes on the wealth and power to the next generation, it has been the traditional domain of women. The mother's duty in the Republican view is to raise the children to accept the conditions of inheritance and to become informed consumers. In order for the sons and occasionally the daughters to receive the family wealth, they must conform to the rules of the game. Those in the running for the family wealth can do nothing to offend the masters of the money, and so the family system reproduces itself. Children who have been conditioned their entire life to play the money game have to suppress their natural talents and creative gifts which are given to them freely by Nature. Since our technology has linked the world into a global lineage more than likely their dreams and visions will not fit into this tribalistic life-style of the Republican family. Those who speak against the system of wealth risk disinheritance and homelessness.

For the Republicans, blood relations are the most important and bring one immediate status, if one is born into or marries into the blue-bloods of America. These people are who Thomas Jefferson called the artificial aristocrats. Originally, the word aristocracy meant rule by the best citizens, the elite few who constituted the most noble, virtuous, and gifted individuals. The creative minority's title to power was instituted for the interest of the many. Unfortunately, this definition of aristocracy was corrupted over time by those whose title to power was determined by who came into the possession of the land, and consequently, the means of production. The American constitution was written by rich men to keep the property owners in a position of power while their black slaves were forced to labor on their estates.

These "artificial aristocrats" and "conservative pro-family feminists" have been in control of the wealth for generations, which means America is not a democracy established on the basis of
justice. American is an oligarchy, ruled by the elite few determined by hereditary privilege who control the mass media. It has been said that the power of the British Empire diminished precisely because civil and military appointments and advancements were determined mainly by one's family background and social class, not by one's abilities and effectiveness to serve in governmental careers. A social system which does not allow the most capable individuals to carry out their ideas is bound to collapse.

The greatest idea which challenges the oligarchical tyranny has been the idea of public education, that all people have the right to advance their gifts and talents for the betterment of
humanity. In theory, this would allow the natural aristocracy, those people of virtue and talent, to rise into positions of authority within the meritocracy (i.e., the rule of the meritorious) to establish a social status greater than that of the "well-born." However, the oligarchy has been in control of the philosophy of education since its members are the ones who finance the system. Their administrators choose whom to offer an education and whom to employ as teachers and administrators. Token radicals are permitted as long as they follow the structure of the university hierarchy. Consequently, the capitalist myth controls education as professors buy into the home-owning middle-class.

Republicans have not understood the importance of encouraging everyone to serve their innate gifts which have come to them in a unique way to play a critical role in the survival of the species. These individualistic qualities are what the society needs to nurture and defend. But the Republican rhetoric hates individual differences. Republicans blame women, homosexuals, and minority groups for global problems. They have devised rigid IQ tests and exams to discriminate against people who have an alternative way of thinking about the world. This makes it extremely difficult for free thinkers to make it through the present system of education to eventually find a distinguished place in society.

Another idea that threatens this established regime is the belief that everyone is your family member and all the world is One. Defining family as those people who share resources and
decision-making based on common goals and values and are committed to the well-being of each other regardless of blood or legal ties--to paraphrase the White House Conference of Families in 1980--destroys the image of the American dream house and the stereotype of gender roles which maintain the status quo. The biosphere is simply too fragile for the American standard of living to be the model of development. Cars and single-family houses do not create the sustainable, energy-efficient world we must build in order to endure over time. Republicans fear that if the government dares to tax the rich, the wealth will be taken away from the controlling families and redistributed to the poor. But most of all they fear feminism to the point that one Republican called Hillary Clinton, who is a successful lawyer and the top adviser to her spouse, a "feminazi" and a "witch."

The new image of the independent woman is the supreme menace to the patriarchy, the woman who makes her own judgments on social issues and builds her own Neutopia...the woman who needs to have the best child-care teachers to provide the best education for her children so that she can spend her time changing the oppressive system in order to establish justice and to "secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity." Yes, it is the idea that children are not the property of the parents, but are the responsibility of the community--humanity's greatest resource--which is the revolutionary idea that will inevitably destroy capitalism.

The reality of One Blood is so threatening to the Greco-Hebrew-Christian-Islamic religious and political dogmas because they believe that woman and children were made to be servants and property of the patriarchal family. For thousands of years, a female accused of adultery was punished much more severely than her male partner because the fetus is carried by her. If it is she who breaks the sexual contract, then it is difficult for the patriarch to determine who his biological offspring are and, therefore, impossible to determine which children should inherit his wealth.

Some women are still so brainwashed by the patriarchal religious values intentionally designed to stifle female intelligence that they actually believe they are happy being trapped in the inferior positions as the housewifes whose main purpose in life and greatest achievement is to do housework and chauffeur their children around to after school activities. The dangerous motherhood-myth is that all women want to be mothers and that children need their biological mothers in order to grow up into loving adults. This is not true. There are numbers of
anthropological examples to prove that children are better off when they are not living under mother-dominated parenting.

Clutching onto this motherhood-myth--that the woman's place is the home--the Republican policy has even refused to give housewives pay for their housewifery since men in the motherhood-myth are expected to be the breadwinners. Nor have Republicans provided childcare services to working mothers since the motherhood-myth depends on women being economically dependent on the male. Poor women have always lived with the pressure of finding work or starving to death, while upper-class mothers has always hired nurses and nannies to take care of their children. Even though the traditional role of the stay-home mom may be the ideal for the middle-class, the reality is that rent and mortgages are so expensive that mothers are forced to enter the work-force with their husbands in order to provide the family with food and shelter. The majority of these jobs do not foster self-actualization and creativity, but chain the female workers' consciousness to the profit motive dominated by mediocrity and the lust to control.

Other well-trained professional women believe they are going to beat the system by competing with men for the high-paying corporate jobs. For them equal pay means the liberty to become equally greedy and powerful. Nevertheless, woman's entry into the work-force has caused the final stages of the breakdown of the patriarchal family, as the need for childcare has grows and the woman is no longer economically dependent on the man. She now no longer needs him to be the breadwinner as she becomes the head of the family. Sperm banks and artificial insemination have now made it possible for her to reproduce without his direct participation. But, as the wealthy class well knows, money cannot buy love and happiness, and the traditional paradigm of power has not created a just world.


Since the presidency is an office of emotional leadership and a symbol of "the more perfect Union," the heterosexual bond could offer us the symbol of both sexual and cultural reproduction. It is here where we find the liberation to break through this circle of emotional incest of "family values." Without including cultural reproduction as part of the symbol of governance, that only women of public creativity and responsibility can bear, the symbol of the biological mother will continue to dominate over the image of the social mother--the Crone--the wisewoman-ruler. Hence, the "religious war" we are living through is about the different stages of the Triple Deity of the Goddess: the Virgin, the Mother, and the Crone whom the patriarchy divided in order to conquer.

The Crone is the one who the patriarchy has suppressed and it is she who must be emancipated in order to set our civilization free to rebuild a truly humane global culture. Women have been the ones responsible for the founding morality of the civilization, from engineering the mysterious megaliths and the use of the wall, to constructing the first agricultural gardens. She and her
partner transformed nature into culture, inspiring and inventing music, poetry, ceramics, land and water transportation, commerce, industry, etc. It is she who is the body politic who rules with "milk and honey."

Without the knowledge of the Crone, there cannot be a universal hero. His existence depends on Her. It is the soul of the liberated woman who creates the liberated man. The concept of the hero can no longer be seen as a war-maker, but as a love-maker, collaborating with his female counterpart in intellectual and spiritual ways. Competition and war must be understood as
evolutionary weaknesses whereas cooperation and peace are evolutionary necessities.

The hera's soul does not rest in the single-family detached house nor in cheap modern apartment buildings but in a new communal high-tech arcology exemplified by the Biosphere-2 and Paolo Soleri's Arcosanti: cities designed with the principles of ecology to recycle all human waste by using alternative energies from the sun. Within these interdependent, megastructural ecocities, parents would have the luxury and time to fully appreciate their children and respect them as independent human beings, no longer subjected to the demands of the traditional family environment and the nationalistic indoctrination of the American school system. It is time to build a new social and physical architecture to eliminate sexism, racism, classism, and war forever on this precious home planet!

For the new women to be fully the revolutionary force that she can be, the Democrats need to envision a new way of leadership. Women should have equal power to reign with their spouses because it is their knowledge of love which provides the wisdom of rulership and guides the world to peace. Without the female in the marriage agreement having an equal public role, the traditional view of the father-ruler will continue to command the political arena. She will remain in the VIP box cheering him on as he receives a salary for his public service while she is expected to volunteer her work for free. Since the most noble and creative work is not motivated by the hopes of receiving monetary rewards, but by the inspiration of love, volunteerism should be the spirit which receives the most prestige and community support. Freedom must become the basis of human engagement and enterprise.

Therefore, we should not be electing only one part of the marriage partnership to the presidency, but we should be voting into office a sacred marriage, which in alchemy is called a Hieros Gamos. The way it is now with the male usually running for office while the female supports his election campaign does not give the female equal status in the partnership. She appears in a secondary and private role to her spouse. It is his direction which has the influential power, not hers. Her only influence is seen in the bedroom which means she is caught in the mind-body split: the private is not the political, her voice does not make policy. In Hillary Clinton's case it was Bill Clinton who was elected governor, not her. If he is elected to the Presidency, he will be the Commander-in-Chief. Her position is due to her marriage, not to
her character and innate gifts of leadership even though without her he would not be in the position he is in!

In this unfair situation her duty is to create the secure and nurturing home life to shelter him from the cruel world of business. Her world becomes the escape and fantasy land where hegoes at night to get away from the nightmare he created in the daytime world of the skyscraper and the slum. But even in the bedroom she is forced to submit to his sexual desires and appeals to the standards of beauty which he feels are sexually attractive even should they seem to her to be pornographic and artificial. She must use her sexuality in covert ways in order to achieve her
desires and so must submit to his fantasies. In this fantasy, the male believes a woman is only made to please his sexuality since his erect penis is required for intercourse.

The way the Democratic ticket stands now reflects the homoerotic system of the patriarchy. Al Gore is considered to be Bill Clinton's running mate. Hillary Clinton is her husband's
helpmate even though it has been said that she is the force behind his campaign. She is a second-rate political power to the point where she had to take on his last name so that he would be elected governor of Arkansas. She must follow him and fit into the male definition of reality when it is he who should be following her to Neutopia where all children are deeply honored and no child is illegitimate. In Neutopia, there are no laws which administer a certain sexual code of conduct since one's sexual preference is a matter of personal choice. Nevertheless, sexually-transmitted diseases are causing our species to return to monogamy.

In the case of Geraldine Ferraro and Walter Mondale's 1984 bid for the Presidency, American politics finally had a female democratic Vice-Presidential nominee. Nevertheless, the Mondale-
Ferraro team did not exemplify this much needed symbol of cultural reproduction because they were not in an equal position, and both their spouses played invisible parts in the campaign.

Even though Jerry Brown ran for president as a bachelor and was brave enough to expose the problem of the financing of government elections by private wealth, he also did not include the
reproductive metaphor. So his symbolic power was limited.

Shirley Chisholm who was the first African-American woman to run for the office of President also did not have the male energy necessary to fulfil the love myth which unites "the more perfect Union" to direct the people towards maturation.

To summarize, the office of the Presidency should embody the moral philosophy of love and justice between the sexes. They are the guides to the happy world. Because they merited each other's love and companionship through their good works and deeds, it is they who should hold the supreme office in the democracy. The female\male relationship provides the people with a natural check and balance system, checked and balanced by the human love relationship.


The major flaw with Plato's Republic is that he failed to understand the mystical and necessary role love plays in human affairs. In his ideal state, the guardian-rulers, both women and men, are not allowed to create passionate and permanent attachments with each other. Guardian mothers do not know who their own offspring are so that they will not create emotional attachments. His reason for this is that he did not want to create an artificial aristocracy which becomes solely interested in the wealth of the biological family members instead of the welfare of the state. Even though he wants the best and brightest guardians to mate with each other so that the best genetic combinations will create the brightest children, their liaisons are not of their own choosing.

In Plato's utopia, love is not a factor which determines who is going to mate with whom. The private element of intimate relationships is eliminated from the guardians of the Republic
which is why many believe Plato's Republic represents a totalitarian state, and furthermore, is not a utopian society, but dystopian. In his vision, philosophical Aphrodite and Eros were
suppressed as were poetesses and poets. The channellers of Love's divine story were exiled from Plato's Kingdom.

Love is found through the self-knowledge of the inner search process which should be helped along by the aid of a liberated educational system which means education will play the essential
role in a democracy. It is through self-education where we discover and develop our innate gifts, where we learn to love and rely on our own intuitions and those of others. Not being able to
develop these gifts puts each of us and the society as a whole into a state of slavery. How many people in modern America have time to truly pursue their dreams?

Without self-knowledge one cannot find one's soulmate. The patriarchal marriage simply becomes a biological arrangement, designed to set up a house, to legitimize sex, and to raise
children. In cosmic reality, it becomes the opposite of the love relationship, a life-long quest of mutual self-actualization. In marriages of convenience, the soul remains empty and lonely, unable to experience sexual intimacy, and, most importantly, the self-expression and the exchanging of ideas even during the most holy act of all, the sex act. In many cases, patriarchal married couples remain married after acknowledging that their affection for each other has passed away for the sake of the children. However, this only reinforces to their children that life is not about love, but about material possessions which includes them.

Now, at least in theory, that women have equal access to education, they are able to find the soulmates needed to create these vital relationships of the meeting of the minds, leading to
the renewal of the culture. Therefore, love is a self-selecting phenomenon, a personal experience. This inner wisdom provides the charisma which the people in a democracy can easily recognize from its internal power, whereas, the words and deeds of the self-interest fails to persuade one of the love one has for the other.

In the good society, the lovers become the self-elected co-presidents of human happiness. They become leaders of the meritocracy\democracy form of education\governance. The co-
presidents are selected to teach us about the mysterious ways of love.

Tragically enough in our patriarchal dominated world-view, the people have been corrupted and are cynical about the love vision. This cosmic vision must be restored and a new constitution written which acknowledges the woman to whom the president is married as a co-worker on equal ground. Women become their spouses' running mates! Work and love are one and demand equal status. If one does not love and respect one's own work then it is a form of slavery. When work and love between the sexes are joined together we arrive at a common mission. To divide work and love into different spheres makes work a repetitive chore, and love a powerless and empty action. By electing a partnership to office will eliminate this duality and put Love, the meaning of life, into the position as the manager of human affairs.The revitalization of the Women's Movement of the 1960's has given women a new faith in themselves, to recall the privileged position they hold as women. Woman now has the self-confidence and education needed to manage the other half of the world and become the Queen of Air. Love, the guide of human relations can then determine the economic arrangements needed to manifest Love's mission.

This evolutionary model requires that men learn to work with the female Vision of Love and see her as the beacon of Wisdom. The only way the male ego will find happiness is through cooperating with her and to work with all his heart to make the lovolution a reality for everyone. The combined knowledge of the wo\man wisdom gives us a holistic vision.


Woman is the most important players in the art of life. It is the woman who is responsible for the ultimate sovereignty of the life-force. In the matter of creating sexual relationships, it is
she who has the final word in allowing the male to penetrate her. Without her honest consent, the male dominates her by using the traditional patriarchal tools: reason and rationality. He tries
to manipulate the female to his sexual fantasy in the forms of prostitution, seduction, rape, and the patriarchal marriage. She must sellout and compromise her values in order to please the penis for his superficial pleasure. The entire history of patriarchy has been plagued with men trying to takeover her discussion-making power about the life-creating acts.

The human race has progressed somewhat from the days when parents controlled the decision of who their children should marry. Gradually, the child received the veto power if she didn't like the parent's choice. Now, we have advanced to the point where it is up to the children to decide who their mates will be. Now, all marriages, either heterosexual or same-sex, should be built from love.

However, caught in the patriarchal economic system and the nuclear family house, other rational and materialistic factors heavily influence the child's decision--questions of family
background, what kind of car she or he drives, the age of the couple, or external beauty of the body are insidiously manipulated by commercial advertising. This means love has not become the foundation of marriage in the capitalist world. When intellectual qualities such as the virtues of moral courage and strength of character are not found attractive to the opposite sex, then the
natural selection process fails to produce the needed genetic makeup for future problem-solving.

Gifted and talented women and men find it difficult to make money and gain respect in a
capitalist economy which does not support creative ideas. In a world established on inequality between the sexes, creative spirits find it hard, if not impossible, to locate their soulmates and
spiritual equals. This brings us into a cultural stalemate. Models of sexual equality are rare. Living in the age of AIDS and other incurable sexually transmitted diseases makes it imperative that we begin to live by the Law of Love.

If the female makes an unwise decision and engages in sex for the wrong reasons, it may result in unwanted pregnancy, bad marriages, over-population, etc. Hence, she is responsible for the wisdom: she is the interpreter of love and the protector of the future. The male's role is to be the midwife and nourish the new ideas as well as the offspring. This is the reason why the
Republicans have fought so hard to reverse the Supreme Court's ruling that women have a right to choose to bear life. They want to dominate the natural sovereignty of womankind, taking away her discussion-making power.

It is only a matter of time before the plutocrats will have the technology of an artificial placenta to completely control the reproductive process outside of the woman's womb. In so far that women are the ones who are accountable for creating life, it follows that they are those who must become the guardians of the use of the new reproductive technologies. Our species must turn to the wisewoman for leadership in this crucial moment of herstory. Without women resisting the material trappings of the patriarchy, the human species is doomed.


At the Republican convention if Barbara Bush represented the intellectual and emotional equal of George Bush, then one would have to feel that George is not smart enough to be the President of the United States since Barbara's prime time speech was one of no philosophic substance. She was simply the symbol of the self-sacrificing smiling mother who willingly relinquishes her sons and daughters to war. If his intellect is indeed superior to her, then he is unfit to be president because he is a sexist and does not practice equality in his daily affairs. In this case, his wife is
not his intellectual partner, but his sexual object who bore his children.

As a symbol of woman's liberation, the Bill and Hillary Clinton team seem to fulfill the position far better than their predecessors. Hillary is, after all, a lawyer who has used the law
to help create rights for children. Secondly, she had the good sense to have only one child which certainly helps correct the environmental problems chiefly caused by over- population which George and Barbara seemed oblivious to since they brought five children into this endangered human species. The Bushs even had the bad taste to take pride in their contribution to the population-explosion by showing off their twenty-one family members for the Lady's Night at the Republican convention. Now, we can only hope that Hillary will find the wisdom to further revolutionize the patriarchy by reversing Zeus's decision that Orestes was not guilty
of murdering his mother because he declared that it was the father who was the parent responsible for the birth of the child.

So the dilemma of the Democratic Party is that in order to provide human services and a good life for all citizens they must redistribute the wealth and create a socialized economic system. However, that will lead to greater bureaucracy and inflation as during the Carter Presidency. Unless the institution of marriage and family life is radically transformed to reflect the love
between the sexes, and a new long-term architectural plan developed which assembles a civilization for the newly liberated wo\men, the Democrats are as damned as the Republicans for the same reason: the protection of "family values," the single-family private house, and the tyranny of money.

Surely, it is time for the American people to stop praying to God for the answers which he does not have. Our species must summons the wisdom of the Great Goddess for guidance in governance and education. In her Crone form, she holds the key to our planetary salvation. This is a sex-role revolution, one in which the female is re-enthroned for the good of all people. From her scepter flows mother's milk as the world community feasts on the royal honey produced from the human hives of love.


Human Extinction or Lovolution?