Retooling the Peace Movement with Lovolution

Redesign Baghdad with the Sacred Circle



Dear Cindy Sheehan,

Your activism, love, and commitment to justice and peace are an inspiration to the world. I can completely understand your frustration and disgust with the Democratic Party and the petty ego trips within the peace movement that stop us from forming a meritocracy of ideas. I take to heart your warning to America that we are falling into a fascist corporate state with enormous powers to inflict pain and sorrow on the entire world.

Please remember that the peace movement has been a 2,000 year-old movement, and that patriarchy is at least 5,000 years old. It isn't surprising that many of us feel we have been working to overthrow the Establishment lifetime after lifetime, and that this current lifetime is the one most critical to the future of the human species. Building an alternative paradigm is a challenge of developing new archetypes, not only within our interior selves, but in terms of our external world of institutions and architecture.

Over the last two years, your public persona has been for me an example of an evolving female archetype which is seeking wholeness. We have seen you move from a “typical” middle aged, middle class, devoted, Christian, American mother of four and loyal wife, unengaged with worldly politics, to a woman who has lost her marriage and time with her children to take on the injustices of the world. We had seen you evolve from a liberal, and patriotic woman to a matriarchal citizen of the Cosmos, whose loyalty is towards the entire Earth. We have witnessed you question your faith in the Catholic Church and give up your vote in the Democratic Party all because you pursue the noble cause of ending war on this planet forever.

What is so exciting to me is that in your search for truth and peace, you have embraced the Crone part of the triple deity of the Great Goddess. You broke out of the traditional motherhood role, which for centuries has supported the patriarchal sacrifices of sons to war to emerge as a true peacemaker who is struggling to save the children of the world.

What I mean by Crone empowerment relates to what feminist thealogicans say: that counterpart of the triple male deity of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is the Great Goddess archetype composed of Virgin, Mother and Crone. Cut off from being able to fully embody the true meaning and and psychology of the deity, mothers as life-givers became stuck in preserving the status quo. They function as helpmates to their husband's world views rather than as independent voices whose task it is to create the world of autonomous individuals. How symbolic it was that you found your voice on Independence Day!

The Crone stage of the deity is a wise woman, a transformationist who uses the power of intelligent intuition to foretell a better world. She is a prophetess because she possesses the womb of rebirthing not only the individual, but renewing and evolving the global culture. It is the Crone part of the female deity, not the Mother, who has the power to overthrow the Establishment with a vision of a future beyond war. Perhaps it would help you to try to view your hysterectomy last summer as the ultimate symbol that you had moved beyond the Mother phase of life into the Crone part of life, from nourisher to prophetess. The patriarchy fears the Crone most of all which is why in Christianity it incorporated the Virgin and the Mother part of the Great Goddess, but demonized the Crone into the witch and whore.

When you were in the ditch in Crawford in the Summer of 2005, I wanted to go join you and the others in Texas . But I knew I needed to connect with you as a peer in our quest for retooling the peace movement. If I had joined the Crawford protest I more than likely would not have been able to achieve a voice, since the media story was about you. The most I could have been if I had arrived in Texas was a supportive body, and since I have more to give than my body, I think would have been frustrated with the movement. So I stayed in Tucson and with the money I would have spent to travel to join the Crawford protest, I learned video and bought a camera. My goal was and is to join you in the Noosphere, that layer of the Earth occupied by the mind, so that we could join forces to dismantle the Establishment on an idea/symbolic level.

During that time, however, I made you a book on images on Lovolution (my term), matriarchy, counter-recruitment that I thought you could use in your campaign for peace. Finally, in October of 2005, I met you in Phoenix when you held a press conference after you delivered a letter to the governor about ending the war in Iraq . As I was holding up my Lovolution banner, you approached me and shook my hand.

What I want most to communicate with you is that I want to join the “Cindy Team.” You said on Democracy Now, “I think I have gone as far as I can right now in the movement. I've come to a road block. I've come to a dead end. I've come to a brick wall.” I wasn't aware until you said on the radio broadcast that you had majored in history. As you know, the knowledge of history can only go so far; studying history allows us to make holes through the established fabric, but it doesn't necessarily lead us to alternative futures.

Why I want to join your team is because I have a doctorate in Future Studies. My particular area of interest is sustainable architecture. Perhaps I can help you rebirth this movement into a direction that builds ecological cities— arcologies. I'm certain you're aware of the direct connection between American's gluttonous oil dependency and our attempt to militarily dominate the Middle East. Only in car-free arcologies will this dependence be broken.

I need the peace movement's support. I need to work with a team who is devoted to a campaign to disarm the war machine and convert the current unreasonable military budget into transforming our polluted, globally warmed cities into a Solartopia (book by Harvey Wasserman.)

We need to form a new political party. It could be called the Transformation Party or …? Our goal is to be the catalyst for the paradigm shift. In order to do this a formation of a collective vision—using both science and art--is necessary so that we can attract the future towards us. It must be a vision so radically new and true that the youth dedicate their lives to building that world.

You rhetorically ask your critics, “ How could a woman have an original thought, or be working outside of our ‘two-party' system?” You go on to suggest the need for a third party. Its time for original female thought in developing a strong third party presence. Arthur Koestler in The Act of Creation, writes, “New facts alone do not make a new theory; and new facts alone do not destroy an outlived theory. In both cases it requires creative originality to achieve the task.”

Moving into Lovolution requires such acts of originality. Koestler defines original thinking as “when two or more streams of research begin to offer evidence that they may converge and so in some manner be combined.” Maybe the lessons of history such as the meaninglessness and horrors of war, can't be collectively overcome until they combine with future studies so that people can see with new eyes. Using the resources of the world to create a dynamic new global civilization of justice, love, and peace could be the vision that enlightens all. Could this synthesis of knowledge deliver us the wisdom needed to create an effective peace movement in the Eternal Now? Let's find out!



Human Extinction or Lovolution?