conceived by
around the middle '90s)

Doctress Neutopia

(originally designed for rooms in the PMC-MOO)


There are two basic units that make up the general blueprints of Moontopia: the Local Unit and the Global Unit. Visualize moontopia as a nucleated cell that has both a decentralize component (the Local Unit) and a centralized or nucleated component (the Global Unit).

Inside the nucleus is the Global Unit. The Global Unit is the center of communication and governance. The Local Unit is a decentralized place to work out one's ideas, develop mature thoughts and messages, and discover one's cosmic role within the Biosphere.

The central philosophy of Moontopia is that the purpose of life is to find a way to contribute to the overall good of humanity. Above all else, Moontopia is a place of enlightenment, wisdom, and love. Every Moontopian has the opportunity to develop their gifts in service of the whole. It is also the duty of every Moontopian to take responsibility for the daily work of maintaining the physical functions the keep the Biospheric goverance process and technology alive and well.

The Local Units are places of living, working, pleasure, and childrearing. These are small enough units so that everyone knows their local neighbors. Everyone has the personal space needed to either live a solitary life or to share life with a soulmate. In the Local Units, there are public dining commons as well as small cafes, sitting rooms, and pubs for more intimate conversations. There are study places, studios, and labs for all those who are interested in the arts, crafts, and sciences. Every Local Unit has a community swimming pool, saunas, hot tubs, a gym, a health care center, and community theater. Also in the Local Units, there are market areas where people go to pick up the supplies they need to maintain their personal hygiene and health.

Not only is Moontopia a real life community, but it is a virtual community as well. Communication through electronic public forums such as Usenet and personal correspondences through email, create the connections and friendships that are then able to organize real life communities within the biospheric structure of Moontopia. Hence, cyberspace works as one of the places where social blueprints are formed, debated, and discussed to then be administrated in real life.

Organizing the daily functions and tasks that need to be carried out in the Local Units are conducted through email listservs. Any complaints or criticisms about the way things are working, personality conflicts, or emotional problems can be addressed online. Moontopians recognize the purpose of Cyberspace is to educate people so that they will be able to find their chosen roles within the Neutopian philosophy of a network of arcologies (architecture and ecology).

The mission of Moontopian education is to direct people to the proper channels where they can best serve their innate gifts or to guide them to where they can go apprentice with people who can teach them what they need to learn in order to grow to be people of achievement, merit, and honor. Also, cultural announcements and community work schedules are sent through email listservs.

Every Moontopian has an email account and a personal archive space. When one is born, it is their birthright to be given an Internet account that will be the bases of their virtual educational experience and an archive space where all of their personal records, such as medical and educational records about their real life activities are kept. Children are raised to see the importance of maintaining and updating the information about themselves in their individual archive spaces. They are raised to see the importance of living the kind of life that reflects a life worth living since living in the Electronic Age, these archives are essentially immortal. Personal World Wide Web pages of every Moontopian work to build character as one realizes that who one is is reflected in the kind of personal page one produces about the good deeds and virtuous, creative actions one does to contribute towards the positive future of humanity.

Everything in Moontopia is recycled. In a frugal society, there is no room for some people getting filthy rich and hoarding all the resources for themselves and their biological families, while others live in utter poverty. By manifesting architect Paolo Soleri's theory of miniaturization, complexity and duration, Moontopia has evolved light-years away for the world of the mansion and the slum! Resources are distributed so that everyone has their basic needs met, but also so that they have the resources to develop their spiritual and intellectual dreams to make the collective dream a splendid web of social interactions. Moontopia works like a living organism that takes care of all the individual parts.

There is no money in Moontopia. There is only a commonwealth accounting system called the Lunar Bank which takes account of where the resources are distributed and how best to distribute the wealth. In order to be able to analyze all the data, the world computer data base is required. In an opened society, everyone has a right to access information within the data base which is continuously updating and upgrading itself. In Moontopia is a transparent society; information is free and opened to all.

Neutopia's Dream Bedroom

Neutopia's room is a small personal space inside the very large, closed biosphere on the moon. There is a breathtaking view of Planet Earth from one of her bedroom windows. As she writes epic poetry about the Great Transformation, she loves to meditate on the ocean of Earth as the sunlight sparkles on the water. The religious experience of reflecting on water helps her to become a conduit to the universal oneness of her poetic vision that she needs in order to help direct the consciousness of Moontopia.

There is a circular window on the other side of her room where she can see into the greenhouse of the OuterSpace Biosphere. At harvest time, she watches the farmers gather the organic fruits and vegetables from their labor. Everyone at Moontopia spends time working in the gardens throughout the week. It is thought that through working with the soil and the germination of life, the fear of death is overcome through the renewal of life.

Generally, Neutopia's day is composed of half the day online in development of the Global Brain and manifesting it through constructing a network of arcologies (architecture and ecology) and the other half of the day building the local community by taking part in the various cultural and spiritual activities that are stimulating to her such as yoga, theater, and teaching children the principles that make possible the peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle of Moontopia. Throughout the week, like in other egalitarian societies on Earth, she spends time doing her duty on the weekly rotary such as dish washing, recycling, homecare, and food preparation for the dining commons. But with a shared community labor force, she has time and energy left throughout the week to work on her passionate specialization: the governance and philosophy of Moontopia.

Most of the rooms at Moontopia are equipped with communication technologies so that one has instant connection with Planet Earth and other Moontopians. Erotic marble sculptures and surrealistic watercolor paintings of mindscapes are placed elegantly around her bedroom. In the lower level of the room, a queensize waterbed is sunk into the floor. Walls, made out of bacteria, can be adjusted so that more study space is available for her guests. She can change the mood of the room by changing the natural scenes on the holographic machine. Now the holograph is set to dusk overlooking the Grand Canyon. In her closet, there are sensual robes that she and a very talented Moontopian seamstress designed to reveal the curves of her body in the most graceful ways.

Local Unit's Nursery

The children's space in the Doctress' section of the space biosphere is a magical place. Both flesh and ocean water fish tanks and terrariums representing different terrain on Earth, are placed around the large opened room. Colorful, fanciful paintings both created by the children and by visiting artists are on the movable organic walls. On the ceiling, a holograph projects different scenes throughout the Milky Way Galaxy to give children a sense of their cosmic home. On the shelves are various noncompetitive, educational toys that children play with to enhance their understanding of science and human ecology. Puppets of all sizes are found in bends near the children's theater and dance studio on the upper level of the space. In the closet, there are costumes that echo fashions from humanity's past as well as imaginative costumes that represent alien creatures in worlds to come.

A spiral ramp, modeled after DNA, descends to the lower level of the children's room where there is a foundry. Across from the foundry is a film and music studio. In the music studio not only are children surrounded by musical instruments from around the world, but there are thousands of music discs from Earth including the songs of the whales and noises from the rain forests, which the children love.

Parents may visit children at anytime as long as it does not intrude on the child's concentration on a particular project. Nursing mothers have live-in quarters. Moontopians, who have the best ethical understanding of Moontopian philosophy, are the teachers of the youth since they are the one's responsible for instilling the values of non-violence, inner peace through meditation and contemplation, creative freedom, and self-discipline. People without biological offspring have just as much access to the affections and company of children as biological parents, even though, in most cases, one's biological parents play a special and important role in their child's life. In Moontopia, children are seen as the most valuable resource. Everyone is responsible for creating an environment where children can develop into healthy, happy, and loving adults.

A Local Unit's Dining Room

The Dining Room is a place not only of community activity, but at times, it is a place of group meditation and reverence of life. People who are gifted in the culinary arts and nutrition manage the food preparation. Since all Moontopians have to rotate jobs in the daily maintenance of the Biosphere, there is no servant or lower class. Whenever possible, labor-saving robots do most of the day to day chores as well as do the labor intensive and dangerous jobs. The work ethic on Moontopia is somewhat different that the 20th Century Protestant work ethic that dominated and enslaved the majority of citizens in the 20th Century. These poor souls worked to build the urban sprawl, exploiting nature, and themselves in order to keep the rich on top of the domination hierarchy within the Capitalist City. In order for Moontopia to work, a person has to do the work that they love to do for the betterment of the whole. The key to Moontopian education is for students of life to become aware of their unique inner callings that serves the cosmic whole.

In the dining room, on different days, people sit together for different reasons. Some days people sit at tables with their colleagues. At other times, they sit with their miscellaneous friends. At other times, they sit with their biological family members, but there are no static plan of setting arrangements. If someone wants to eat alone for whatever reason, then they can order a take out meal to be eaten in their personal space.

In one corner of the cafeteria, there is a stage where food rituals and love poetry are enacted. On the stage is a beautiful altar where people place objects that have become sacred to them. Ritual artists oversee the altar. A special exhibit on the history of animal rights is now on display. A resident artist encouraged community members to make a piece of artwork about the slaughter houses in the last 20th Century. As you can imagine, it was a very moving exhibit about humanity's past cruelty and exploitation of animals. In an enlightened society such as Moontopia, is it any wonder why they are primarily vegetarians, a place without animal sacrifice, and it is a place where everyone has enough to eat?

If something generates serious controversy or dissent, it is raised after the meal time meditation and if not resolved, it is continued to be discussed on the electronic listservs. Then, the issues is taken up at the Gaia Forum in the room where the Great Community Council meets which is located at the Global Unit section of the Biosphere.

The Global Unit Communication Center

The Global Unit is the core part of the Biosphere. Within every Local Unit there is a Global Unit which connects the Local Unit to the Global Media. The Global Unit is the communication center where one may interact with the ear, eyes, and brain of Gaia. At the Global Unit, there are video, art, music, and computer studios and stations for broadcasting and receiving telecommunication messages from around the galaxy. Scattered around the Global Unit are art galleries that exhibit artwork from artists from Earth as well as from Solar-Powered, Outer Space Peace Colonies.

One of the most active places is the theater. Plays and stories that merit a broader audience than at the Local Unit level are produced in the Global Unit theater. The theater is also used for the Public Gaia Forum. Most of the social education is centered around the Gaia theater that experiments with new social theories, enacting collective dreams and social nightmares. The play that has been produced for the past week, is a historical story about the insane 20th Century "Star Wars" program that eventually led to the battle to control the Moon. Militarists thought that the nation-state who controlled the Moon colony would rule the Earth. The Outer Space nuclear-powered laser weapons battle almost led to the destruction of the Earth's most important satellite vitally needed to regulate the ocean tides. But then, the people of the Earth revolted from the Corporate monied elite and thus the miracle of Moontopia happened!

The Public Gaia Forum is used for the art of public speaking and poetry in order to find the wisdom needed to administer new and experimental public policy as well as to correct policy that is not a liberating force of the good, the beautiful, and the true. This is the forum here people prove their leadership gifts in order to serve on the Great Community Council. People who have the most advance, evolved love, and understanding for the whole are the chosen ones within the synergetic democracy of Moontopia.

Within the Global Unit area is the Great Community Council Room where futurists discuss the direction the creative energy needs to move towards in order to flow with the balance of nature. The Council works to educate the public about the problems the world face on both the local and global levels and to take action to solve the critical problems. The mission of the Great Community Council is not to keep secrets from the public, but to enlighten the public and to listen to them so that everyone knows what the basic challenges and ethical questions are in their particular age necessary for life to continue to evolve.


Human Extinction or Lovolution?