Twin Flames, Burning Man and Burning Woman

Dedicated to the match of true love


Sad is Eros, builder of cities,
And weeping anarchic Aphrodite.

W.H. Auden


Campaign to move Burning Man 07 across from the Nevada Test site
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Two Flames: The Story of Green Man 2007



Table of Contents

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Part 1

Becoming Interested In Burning Man

Black Rock City Gazette

Passing the Nevada Test Site


Goddess Temple
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Mother's Day Protest Encampment
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Actions and Arrests
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Part 2

Arrival at Black Rock City

Midweek at Black Rock City

Walking along the Promenade

Lessons at the Temple of Ishtar

KAEZ Radio Station

Alone in the City

Burning Man 2001

Pyramid Lake

The Man Burns

In Between Our Legs

Part 3

Deciding to go with Dusty

Alternative Energy Meeting

The Flames of the Mausoleum

Breaking Down the Enlightenment Camp

Part 4

Journey to California

Is it Home?

Revealing our Visions

Frustrated, Alienated, and Isolated Individuals

September 11, 2001

Burning Woman


Human Extinction or Lovolution?