This is What Fascism Looks Like

by Doctress Neutopia

March 2005

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President Bush was in Tucson this week giving his prepared speech about how he wants to privatize social security. As his motorcade approached the Tucson convention center’s underground garage where the President would get out of the limousine, the group started chanting, “This is the way Democracy looks like.” I chanted, “This is the way fascism looks like.” The republican supporters with tickets to hear Bush’s speech were lined up across the street from the protestors.

There was a clear difference between the two groups of people. The protesters in their colorful, comfortable, and casual clothing holding intelligent signs of dissert and the republicans where dressed conservatively in Church going clothes. They carried no signs of dissent. The military-industrial-educational-media complex was on their side as the riot control police lined up in front of some of the protestors. How clear it was that the power-elite had control of the military and the media.

As the President’s motorcade approached the crowd surrounding me yelled, “Boo! USA Out of Iraq!” An elderly woman beside me shouted, “God to Hell, Bush!” And the man next to her said, “Even the worms are too good for Bush!” The national media was present at the event, but they were not filming the protestors. Yes, this is what fascism in America looks like. Our privatize president only speaks to his private audiences of faithful supporters. In a true democracy, the concerns of the minority are heard and listened too, but not in a fascist America. To the ancient Greeks in its original sense, idiot signified a purely private person. Yes, Bush appeared to be that sort of person too afraid to listen to dissenting opinions even to the point of kicking a person out of the event who was wearing a Democratic Party T-shirt.

Opening up the American mind to embrace an Earth Ethic is a Bodhisattava task. My first feeling after seeing the President’s car was to run like mad, to move out of this hedonistic, gluttonous, selfish, short-sighted culture as fast as I can. But the Bodhisattva path, those who remind on Earth to help others obtain enlightenment, would be to stay in the territory of the beast, subvert the system from within. As ugly as the mainstream American public has become, remember there is beauty buried inside each soul who has been lost from their divine purpose that allows them to be free thinkers. It is springtime and the Sonora desert that developers have not had time yet to destroy, is in bloom. There could be a resurrection of consciousness if only Americas would pull away from Fox News and smell the flowers.




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